Ernesto Antolin, Chairman of Grupo Antolin, has been named Illustrious Person of the Spanish Automotive Industry 2017, a distinction granted every year by the Spanish Association of Automotive Professionals (Asepa).


  • María Helena Antolin, Vice-Chair of Grupo Antolin, has a long track record in the automotive industry
  • She is also President of SERNAUTO, a post in which she plays an important role in the industry in Spain


  • The Antolín family founded Grupo Antolin in the 1950s and have owned it since its creation.
  • The judging panel unanimously agreed to award it this prize, which will be presented at a special gala event to be held on December 10
  • The Corporate Dragon is the most relevant award for the contributions of a business leader in various fields and recognizes the achievements company made in China
  • From 2011 to 2014, GA doubled its workforce and multiplied its revenue by 3
  • GA China shows its commitment to stay and develop continuously in China, the biggest automotive market in the world


  • José Manuel Temiño, CEO of Grupo Antolin, took advantage of the event to thank the Antolín family for their trust and all the employees for their hard work