Grupo Antolin and CTAG present the e-SPACE Mixed Unit

Grupo Antolin and CTAG present the e-SPACE Mixed Unit


The e-SPACE mixed research unit involving Grupo Antolin and CTAG researches and develops new electronic solutions and features for the interior of the future electric, self-driving and connected car, and the new forms of mobility.

Today, at the facilities of the Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG - Galician Automotive Technology Center), the presentation ceremony took place for the Mixed Research Unit e-SPACE New generation of vehicle interiors for the future automotive challenges, involving Grupo Antolin and CTAG, also with the collaboration of the Regional Government of Galicia. Its objective is to research and develop new advanced electronic solutions that add intelligence to the components of the interior of future electric and connected cars.

The event was attended by the Galician Regional Minister of the Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde; the Corporate Innovation Director of Grupo Antolin, Javier Villacampa; and the Managing Director of CTAG, Luis Moreno.

After a preliminary working meeting, those attending had the opportunity to exchange views with the members of the mixed unit and see the first prototypes developed within the framework of the partnership.

The Mixed Research Units promoted by the Regional Government are a successful way of bringing together the business world and the scientific/technical world to develop lines of research and projects that provide value to the market. For Grupo Antolin and CTAG it is an opportunity to establish a joint knowledge center aimed at creating disruptive components for the automotive industry, whose objective is to develop high value-added projects focused on the vehicle interior, using electronics as the differentiating element.

The research covers the application of electronics in different fields, such as connectivity, mechatronics and functional lighting, and in a cross-cutting manner for all Grupo Antolin components (doors, overhead systems, consoles and instrument panels).

As a result of the collaboration between the two organizations, the first prototype of the Premium Overhead System Console has been exhibited at today’s meeting, which integrates advanced functions such as matrix lighting, loudspeaker, microphone and emergency calls.

Other joint lines of work include the development of a capacitive control panel for advanced door functions and an electronic control system for interior lighting.

The e-SPACE Mixed Unit began in September 2018 and will have a duration of approximately three years, up to September 2021. The budget provided exceeds €2.2 million and it is staffed by more than 20 people, 5 of whom are new Grupo Antolin staff recruited for this project and 3 are from CTAG. They work at CTAG’s facilities in coordination with multidisciplinary teams from Grupo Antolin in Burgos and in collaboration with all other CTAG staff.

During the speeches, Luis Moreno, Managing Director of CTAG, outlined the importance for CTAG of this R&D+innovation partnership with a large multinational automotive company like Grupo Antolin, and thanked the Regional Government of Galicia for its support and for using these initiatives to encourage the creation of mixed teams with highly specialized areas of expertise in key technologies for the vehicle of the future.

Moreover, Javier Villacampa of Grupo Antolin stated that Grupo Antolin is one of the leading companies in the Spanish automotive industry and is strongly committed to industrial and technological development in Spain and in Galicia through CTAG. “The partnership with CTAG is historic, it has a lot of potential and we will continue developing it. One of the pillars of Grupo Antolin’s innovation strategy is to seek the best partners to strengthen our capabilities as a leading developer of vehicle interior components in the world”.

Finally, Francisco Conde, Regional Minister of the Economy, Employment and Industry, highlighted the Grupo Antolin-CTAG Mixed Unit as evidence “of the commitment of all socio-economic agents in Galicia to search for crossovers between technology and development to place Galicia at the industrial forefront”. Conde stressed the need to build bridges "between companies, knowledge centers and the public authorities", noting that at the end of this fifth edition, 39 Mixed Units will have been established, which translates into attracting investment of almost €114 million to Galicia; and the promotion, recruitment and retention of the best talent, with 580 highly qualified workers.



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