Grupo Antolin announces investment of €340 million in 2016, double that in 2015 and the largest amount in its history

Grupo Antolin announces investment of €340 million in 2016, double that in 2015 and the largest amount in its history

  • The company increased its sales by 58% in 2015 to reach €3.506 billion after the integration of Magna Interiors in the final quarter of the financial year.
  • Grupo Antolin has a workforce of 28,300 people globally after incorporating 12,000 people from Magna. In Spain, this figure increased by 15.8% to 3,500 people.    
  • “The results show that our commitment to competitiveness, innovation and quality is very well received by our customers”, said Ernesto Antolín.
  • Grupo Antolin is responsible for the generation of one euro in every thousand in Spain, according to a report produced by KPMG on the company’s impact on the Spanish economy.


Grupo Antolin today announced a significant increase in its investment for 2016, up to €340 million, which is the largest investment made in the company’s history and a 97% increase with respect to the amount invested in 2015. After the purchase of the interiors division of Magna, the company has decided to redouble its efforts in this area with the goal of equipping itself with the most advanced technological resources and being able to continue improving all its industrial, technological and service capabilities to the benefit of its customers.

The new investment will be made in a number of areas: the opening of new centers to respond to recent orders, the improvement of current infrastructures, and the optimization of processes. Furthermore, Grupo Antolin will make a significant effort to equip itself with resources for its innovation activities, one of the main competitive advantages of the company.

“We have always focused on having the best technical and human resources so that we can offer answers adapted to the needs of new customers and we are going to continue to do so”, said Ernesto Antolin, president of Grupo Antolin.

This investment will be possible thanks to the positive results achieved by the company over the last year, as a result of customer confidence, as well as a significant effort to guarantee its competitiveness.

Furthermore, in 2015 Grupo Antolin successfully acquired Magna Interiors, an operation that has positioned it as the third-placed manufacturer of automobile interiors globally and has allowed it to strengthen its strategy of diversification with regard to customer, product and region.

Increase in sales

Grupo Antolin closed 2015 with sales of €3.506 billion, an increase of 58% with respect to the previous year. These figures include the sales turnover of the interiors division of Magna for the first time, from September 1, this being the date on which the purchase was finalized. Excluding sales from this new division, growth would have been 21.1%.

“The results show that the commitment to competitiveness, innovation and quality is very well received by our customers. Furthermore, with the purchase of Magna Interiors we have taken an important step toward leading the automobile interiors industry at a global level,” said Ernesto Antolín.

By business unit, in 2015 the company maintained its global leadership in its overhead systems business, where sales grew 22% with respect to the previous year. The doors unit, for its part, increased its turnover by 26%, followed by lighting and seats with growth of 15% and 4% respectively.

By region, the integration of the Interiors division of Magna means that we can see the initial effects of the company’s geographical diversity. Grupo Antolin registered significant increases in sales in NAFTA (66%), Asia/Pacific (70%) and Europe (65%), while in Mercosur the company felt the effects of the downturn in the automobile sector and its sales fell 20%.

In 2015, EBITDA for the company rose to €388 million and EBIT to €265 million, representing an increase of 45% and 52% respectively.

Grupo Antolin in Spain

In 2015, Grupo Antolin consolidated its role as one of the country’s leading industrial organizations. Its sales increased by 22% and represent 13.9% of the company total. In fact, during the past year the company supplied its technology to most of the vehicles produced in Spain, allowing it to be present in the ten best-selling vehicles in our country.

According to a KPMG report, Grupo Antolin contributed a value of more than €1.1 billion to the Spanish economy, meaning that it is responsible for 1 out of every 1,000 euros created in our country. This represents 2% of the GDP of Castile and Leon.

This figure positions it as one of our country's main industrial players.

In employment terms, Grupo Antolin finished 2015 with a workforce in Spain of more than 3,500 employees, an increase of 15.8% with respect to the previous year. This growth and the impact generated throughout the entire value chain means that Grupo Antolin generates around 3% of the employment of the components sector in our country.




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