Grupo Antolin collaborates with Facyl cluster on a project to improve air quality inside the vehicle

Grupo Antolin collaborates with Facyl cluster on a project to improve air quality inside the vehicle

  • The project, which also includes Maxi Industries and the startup Aenium Engineering, investigates a new concept of air filter membrane with the aim of demonstrating its effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.
  • The company is working on solutions that improve the conditions of health, safety and comfort inside the vehicle.

Grupo Antolin collaborates on the Micro-Sinter-Membrane research project, led by the automotive cluster of Castilla y León FACYL, Industrias Maxi and the startup Aenium Engineering, as part of the company's research to develop innovative solutions that improve health conditions, safety and comfort inside the vehicle.

The Micro-Sinter-Membrane project investigates a new concept of filter membrane for the interior of the vehicle that is highly effective against particles and contaminants, including viruses and bacteria present in the air. The research also covers the feasibility study of membrane manufacturing through I3D processing strategies and digital production management.

Grupo Antolin collaborates in this project as an evaluator of the technological potential of this future solution. Aenium Engineering is the partner in charge of the R&D development of this membrane through new parameterized fusion and laser sintering processes of multilayered technical polymers. Within the consortium, Industrias Maxi carries out digital management of the production and application of machine vision systems for the control of the membrane prototype, after its manufacture in the additive manufacturing lines. For its part, FACYL is responsible for the coordination of the project, the study of the costs of materials and the analysis of a future industrial development project of the prototype cell.

This project will be funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through the call for support for Innovative Business Associations. The project has obtained the best score of the call.

Within its Clean Interiors project, Grupo Antolin is researching different technologies with the aim of turning the interior of the vehicle into a space of safety, comfort, and high perceived quality, as well as a health protection bubble. One of the lines of work is the management and improvement of air quality offering safety to occupants against the COVID-19 virus and some other epidemics such as influenza. It also wants to protect the interior of the vehicle from the high concentration of allergens and pollution in urban centres.

This research is in the development phase and pursues the integration of systems into the interior of the car that will allow intelligent control of the air quality inside, after analysing the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and validating its effects.

Another of Clean Interiors research lines is the development of solutions for the sterilisation of surfaces inside the car.

All research and developments are being carried out in collaboration with agencies specialising in the technologies involved and in the biological and health fields.

Improving people’s life on board has always been a goal for Antolin Group. Today more than ever their efforts are aimed at transforming the interior into a safer and healthier space.




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