Grupo Antolin draws Christmas

Grupo Antolin draws Christmas

  • The award ceremony for the 21st edition of the Grupo Antolin Children's Drawing Competition took place in the Auditorium of Caja de Burgos-Casa del Cordón and was attended by over 350 people
  • "A drawing = A smile" is the slogan used to donate a sum of money to a charitable children's project for every drawing received


Once again this year, for the 21st time, Grupo Antolin has organized its traditional Christmas Children's Drawing Competition. The award ceremony was held on December 11 in the Auditorium of Caja de Burgos-Casa del Cordón. This is an emblematic building for the city, chosen because it was large enough for the almost 400 people, adults and children, who wanted to take part in the celebration.

Javier Blanco, HR Director at Grupo Antolin, was responsible for welcoming everyone and presenting the company's online Christmas greeting. He also thanked Pilar Arribas, Grupo Antolin shareholder, and Ernesto Antolín, Chairman of Grupo Antolin, for attending the event and for awarding the prizes to the winners in each of the categories of the different companies.

Grupo Antolin organizes this competition for the children of its employees working in all of the centers in 26 countries around the world, including for the first time the recently acquired Magna Interiors companies.

This competition also demonstrates the charitable nature of the company. For the fourth consecutive year, Grupo Antolin is working with UNICEF through the initiative “A drawing = A smile” which began in 2012 with 865 drawings and now in 2015 has beaten its own record with a total of 1,350. For every drawing received, Grupo Antolin donates a sum of money to purchase food that is distributed by UNICEF in different parts of the world.

In addition, Grupo Antolin has signed up to the “Children’s Rights and Business Principles” initiative, developed with advice from experts in business, human rights, and the rights of civil society, governments and children. The initiative is run by Save the Children, UNICEF Global and the United Nations Global Compact.

By signing up, Grupo Antolin has publicized its commitment to respecting and promoting the rights of children in its direct business, the logistics chain and the communities over which it might have an influence.
The competition involves two categories: A (aged 5 to 7) and B (aged 8 to 11). In category A, the international winners have been: Du XiWen from Antolin Shanghai Autoparts (China); Aitana Requejo from Grupo Antolin-Eurotrim (Burgos); Natália Szakállová from Grupo Antolin-Bratislava (Czech Republic) and Matthew Hunter from Grupo Antolin-Michigan (Warren, USA). In category B: Nolan Mangin from Grupo Antolin-Besançon (France); Qin JuanJuan from Guangzhou Antolin Autoparts (China); Kristyna Kobrcová (aged 9) from Antolin Libán (Lipovka, Czech Republic) and Nyree Rayney from Antolin Spartanburg (USA).

The jury appreciated the originality, creativity and colors used in the drawings presented, which had to include a Christmas theme or one related to the activity of the company, the automotive world or the integration of people and cultures.

The first prize was a weekend away to a theme park for three people. The second was a fully equipped bicycle; third, a music system; and lastly, fourth prize was a digital camera.

Once again this year, and thanks to the involvement of the Company's Management, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility teams, as well as those who attended, the event was a real party where both adults and children could enjoy an entertaining afternoon with some tea, a performance and lots of Christmas spirit.




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