Grupo Antolin expands its industrial presence in India with a new center

Grupo Antolin expands its industrial presence in India with a new center

  • The new plant, located in Sanand, produces overhead systems, sunvisors and plastic parts for customers such as Ford and Tata.
  • Grupo Antolin now has 1,300 employees in India who work in five factories, two Just in Time centers and a sales office.
  • The results for the first quarter confirm the positive evolution of the business after the acquisition of the interiors division of Magna.


Grupo Antolin has opened a new center in Sanand (India) to reinforce its industrial presence in that country, the sixth largest producer internationally with over 4.1 million automobiles in 2015.

As a result, the company has consolidated its presence in order to be able to offer the best possible service to its customers located there.

In this new location, the company from Burgos will manufacture overhead systems, sunvisors and plastic parts for the interior of automobiles. The factory is equipped with the latest technology so that it can offer the quality standards that meet the needs of its customers. In this specific case, Grupo Antolin will produce for Ford and Tata Motors.

The new factory will employ more than 130 people and these are in addition to the more than 1,200 Grupo Antolin employees in India, where it has been present since 1996 and now has five factories, two just in time centers and a technical-sales office.

Quarterly results

The company's sales during the first quarter of the year, running from January 1 to March 31, stood at €1.307 billion, which is an increase of 95% over the previous year. If we exclude the instrument panel business unit, which became part of the company on September 1, 2015, growth has been 10%.

In this quarter the instrument panels unit has become the main revenue generator (43% of sales), followed by the overhead systems unit (30%), and the units for doors (16%), seats (4.9%) and lighting (4.5%). It is worth noting the good response of the customers to this new unit, which has won important orders over the last few months and which has made the company one of the largest global suppliers of car interiors globally.

The growth in sales has been due, in addition to the incorporation of the instrument panels unit, to the good performance of the products in Europe, Nafta and Asia-Pacific. Here it is worth noting the important contribution of the latest plants added by the company in the United States and Spain. This trend was dampened by falling income from Mercosur and the depreciation of the euro.

The increase in sales due to the integration of the interiors division of Magna and a slight reduction in variable costs have offset the small increase in fixed costs and allowed for an increase in the EBITDA and EBIT of the company. In the first quarter, these figures stood at €143.1 and €98.9 million respectively.




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