Grupo Antolin reached sales of €5,214 million in 2019 and creates the Electronic Systems Business Unit

Grupo Antolin reached sales of €5,214 million in 2019 and creates the Electronic Systems Business Unit

  • The new Business Unit will strengthen the company’s electronic capabilities and the development of the integrated products.

Grupo Antolin, one of the largest manufacturers of vehicle interiors in the world, achieved sales amounting to €5,214 million in 2019, compared to €5,425 million in the year before.

Grupo Antolin’s sales outperformed worldwide automotive production due to the performance of some important projects, especially in the United States and the Czech Republic. This is also thanks to the strength of its business based on technological leadership and product and process innovation. Worldwide automotive production declined by 5,6% in 2019.

Ebitda reached €435 million compared to €356 million in 2018. The results were achieved in a challenging market that continued to be affected by major uncertainties, such as Brexit, trade tensions and the fall of key markets, especially China, the world's largest automobile market.

Throughout 2019 the company continued to work on its strategic transformation in which Antolin has been working for some time. The goal is to lead, from the interior of the vehicle, the change in the automotive industry. The company is developing smart and higher value-added systems, which provide further functions including technology, electronics, decorative surfaces and lighting solutions for its components.

To increase its capabilities in electronics, the company opened new facilities in Bamberg (Germany), Grupo Antolin's reference center for lighting electronics. Furthermore, it has forged ahead in the development of joint projects with its partners Hi-Rain in lighting solutions for the Chinese market and Walter Pack, with whom it has integrated decorative parts into Grupo Antolin components.

In this way, Grupo Antolin continued to strengthen its position as a key partner for OEMs by supporting them in the development of their future vehicles. Grupo Antolin's components are present in more than 100 models that came to market and in the world's ten best-selling cars. The company had about 410 ongoing projects at the end of 2019.

As part of its commitment to a sustainable business model that creates value for its stakeholders, Grupo Antolin launched several social contribution projects, noteworthy among which was its participation in Polo Positivo, an accelerator of industrial projects that was created with the aim of supporting and developing the talent of entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and SMEs while contributing employment generation.

New Electronic Systems Business Unit

Grupo Antolin began the year 2020 with the aim of moving forward with the transformation of its business and the execution of its strategy, which seeks to consolidate the company as a global provider of technological solutions for the interior of the vehicle.

As part of its strategy, Grupo Antolin has created the Electronic Systems Business Unit, which will strengthen the company's global electronic capabilities. The new Unit will help the development of integrated products by supporting the rest of the company's Business Units. It will also focus on developing exclusively electronic products, such as the Electronic Control Units of Grupo Antolin components.

In January, Grupo Antolin entered into a partnership with Eyesight Technologies, a leading provider of computer vision AI solutions for the in-car automotive industry, to provide driver and occupancy monitoring solutions to OEMs worldwide. Grupo Antolin is searching for alliances with startups and leading tech companies such as the one forged with Eyesight Technologies in order to consolidate its position as a global supplier of automotive interior technology solutions.


In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the company is adapting its strategy to this challenging new market situation. Grupo Antolin is currently concentrating all its efforts and resources dealing with the crisis and resuming production at its plants, applying the strictest health and safety protocols.

To help in this crisis, the company has launched some solidarity initiatives manufacturing medical supplies that can be used by hospitals.

Sales by Business Unit and Territories

In 2019, the Business Units continued to consolidate their market shares. Doors Business Unit reached sales of €1,976 million and Overheads achieved €1,921. Cockpits & Consoles achieved €975 million and the sales for the Lighting Business Unit amounted to €334 million.

By territory, sales in Europe reached €2,642 million; and in the NAFTA region, €1,960 million. Sales in Asia amounted to €478 million, and in Mercosur, €88 million.

Note: IFRS 16 operating lease adjustment included as of 1stJanuary 2019.



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