Grupo Antolin strengthens its position as one of the main suppliers of vehicle interiors

Grupo Antolin strengthens its position as one of the main suppliers of vehicle interiors

  • August 31 saw the first anniversary of the acquisition of the interiors division of Magna
  • The company has won the most important order in its history: the door panels for the Dodge RAM


August 31 marked one year since Grupo Antolin's completion of the acquisition of the interiors division of Magna. As a result of this operation the company has become one of the main vehicle interior suppliers with a workforce of more than 28,000 people in 161 factories across 26 countries.
This operation has expanded the company's product portfolio, as well as its industrial presence in key countries for the automotive market such as the United States, Germany, England and China, among others. This combination has allowed it to compete for larger projects. One highlight in this regard is that Grupo Antolin has been chosen by Fiat-Chrysler to manufacture the door panels for the Dodge RAM, one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. Production is expected to exceed 400,000 vehicles per year. This is the largest order in the company's history.
To carry out this project, Grupo Antolin is planning significant investment in the United States.
Another positive aspect of the operation has been how well it has been received by the customers. As a result, over this time period Grupo Antolin has received more than a dozen orders for the cockpits and consoles unit.
Second quarter results
In the period between April 1 and June 30 of this year, the company recorded sales of €1,379 million, representing an increase of 95%. If we exclude the income generated by the new instrument panels business unit, the growth would have been 9.4%.
The increase in sales was due to the great success of the company's products in practically all of its business units and regions. It should be noted that the new factories opened in the last year were already generating €27 million in this period of time.
The increase in sales due to the integration of the interiors division of Magna, the maintenance of fixed costs and a slight reduction in variable costs have allowed for an increase in the EBITDA and EBIT of the company. In the second quarter, these figures stood at €157.3 and €113 million respectively.



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