The instrument panel is a key element of the cockpit module, a sophisticated system of trims, foams, composites and metals that houses various components, acting as a safety device for the vehicle occupants.

Seamless leather Passenger Airbag (PAB) system

First in industry to supply seamless leather PAB system. Innovations in processing and unique cutting methods were required to achieve 'burst-through" leather. We supply seamless PAB IPs in hard and soft surfaces, including foam in place, laminate, and hard plastic.

Print Mold Design (PMD)

An industry first, PMD is the injection molding of shaped and double-sided screen printing foils.  Using foils of up to 1 mm in thickness allows for an array of design possibilities, such as strong 3D effects, that are not achievable through any other technology.  The material resists scratching, fading and cracking.  PMD is highly flexible in volume production and offers unparalleled distinguishing characteristics for vehicle interiors.

IMC PVC Surface

This technology combines in-mould coating with a powder slush process, and allows painting an instrument panel with a two tone color surface in a one step process. Through this technology it is possible to control the haptic feedback separately from the optic appearance. The tactile feel can range from velvety to rubbery.