Grupo Antolin
  • María Helena Antolin, Vice-Chair of Grupo Antolin, has a long track record in the automotive industry
  • She is also President of SERNAUTO, a post in which she plays an important role in the industry in Spain
Grupo Antolin
  • Grupo Antolin is established in the United Kingdom since the beginning of the 90’s, and has over 3,000 employees.
  • Currently, Grupo Antolin is present in 90% of the cars produced in UK.


Grupo Antolin
  • The new plant, located in Sanand, produces overhead systems, sunvisors and plastic parts for customers such as Ford and Tata.
  • Grupo Antolin now has 1,300 employees in India who work in five factories, two Just in Time centers and a sales office.
  • The results for the first quarter confirm the positive evolution of the business after the acquisition of the interiors division of Magna.


Grupo Antolin
  • The company increased its sales by 58% in 2015 to reach €3.506 billion after the integration of Magna Interiors in the final quarter of the financial year.
  • Grupo Antolin has a workforce of 28,300 people globally after incorporating 12,000 people from Magna. In Spain, this figure increased by 15.8% to 3,500 people.    
  • “The results show that our commitment to competitiveness, innovation and quality is very well received by our customers”, said Ernesto Antolín.
  • Grupo Antolin is responsible for the generation of one euro in every thousand in Spain, according to a report produced by KPMG on the company’s impact on the Spanish economy.


Grupo Antolin
  • The company has invested more than €11 million to create the plant with outstanding manufacturing efficiency, product quality, safety and environmental performance.
  • The new plant, based in Wuhan, will produce headliners and door panels for Renault, PSA, Nissan, Infiniti and Honda.
  • The new plant will provide employment for 125 people at the end of 2016.
  • The opening was attended by Director of Dongfeng Technology strategy and planning department, Miao Mingzheng; Yanfeng Asia Pacific President, Yuan Xinhua; Spanish Economic & commercial councel in Beijing, Javier Serra; Manager of Wuhan high technology investment management company and the director of the service center, Song Jun; director of GA Asia Pacific, Jorge Juárez, accompanied the Chairman of the company, Ernesto Antolín and Vice chairman of the company, María Helena Antolín, throughout the opening ceremony.