Product quality, manufacturing and development

 The basis of our competitiveness is our ability to offer our clients products that are best adapted to their needs while guaranteeing the same level of quality anywhere in the world.

QUALITY, with capital letters, in all areas: in the Product itself (design, end user perception); in Manufacturing with robust processes that achieve zero defects, both internal and external; in Development, from the moment of product conception to its industrialization.



How do we achieve it?

At Antolin, we apply powerful technical preventive analysis tools to guarantee product-process quality.

AMFE(Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) that contributes to the rational improvement of quality by involving technicians, reinforcing the participation of the staff in the quality measures and the company's progress plan by applying the proposed improvements.

Total Quality Systems: UETs and Improvement, Internal Communication, Improvement Proposal and Recognition Teams. All the companies in the Group have implemented the basic Total Quality systems in their management; 55% are already at Lean 2 or 3 levels.

DELTA Improvement Operations: Programs designed to reduce costs through the generation, development and implementation of improvement proposals.

6 Sigma Initiative for Improvement and Methodology to Resolve Problems, focused on projects with financial impact and complexity, reducing variability due to common causes.

Grupo Antolin Production System (SP-GA): is the application in Grupo Antolin of the Lean Manufacturing Philosophy and Systems.

Results: ISO-TS 16949 quality certifications

Grupo Antolin's JIT (Just In Time) plants and centers are ISO/TS certified and have maintained and/or renewed their ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certificates, as well as obtaining new certifications. Distribution by territory is as follows: Europe: 46 / North America: 10 / South America: 4 and Africa-Asia: 15.

Quality Policy