Our Sustainability Management Plan aims to consolidate and reinforce a cross-divisional sustainable culture across the enterprise and respond to all the global challenges of industry and society. The Plan offers a clear framework of action that allows the company to position itself as a benchmark for its responsible management and to be an example in sustainable values and commitments.

This plan has been designed with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals' 2030 Agenda as a roadmap, designed to reduce inequalities and promote global prosperity through economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.







Corporate Social Responsibility Policy




Committed to the future of our stakeholders

The activity of Grupo Antolin generates direct and indirect impacts that affect our different stakeholders. Customers, employees, investors and suppliers, as well as society as a whole, are the recipients of the repercussions of our work and good endeavours.

The company is aware of the responsibility that this entails and that is why it is committed to the effective management of the talent of its employees, in addition to the integration into the business of Corporate Social Responsibility, ethics and good governance as models of behaviour.





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Grupo Antolin works to become a benchmark company with its respect for the environment, as well as through its contribution in the fight against climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Four main axes of action:

Fighting climate change

  • Transition to a low-carbon economy: Improved energy efficiency and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving processes and facilities, increasing the use of energy from renewable sources or generating electricity for self-consumption.
  • For sustainable mobility: Design of products and processes aimed at reducing our environmental impact in both the manufacturing phase and of the usage and end-of-life of vehicles and their components. Reduce weight of our products in order to contribute to the reduction of vehicle emissions. Improved energy management of the interior of the vehicle is of particular interest in the transition to the electrification of mobility.

Strategy and promotion of the circular economy  |  Do more with less

  • Reduction of the consumption of natural resources by encouraging the recycling of materials from our processes in order to give them a second life in various sectors (CORETECH@), or for new applications within the car, even making use of own technologies (NOVAFORM@).
  • Reducing waste in our industrial processes.

Alliances to promote sustainability  |  United to move faster

  • Collaborations with external agencies to promote circular economy or curb climate change that advance the achievement of the environmental objectives of Grupo Antolin, while reinforcing the visibility and responsible positioning of our organisation.
  • Roll-out sustainability commitments though the supply chain by means of the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Sustainable financing strategy  |  For a sustainable future

  • Search for sources of funding that take into account the results of our organisation's environmental and energy performance.


Environmental and Energy Policy  

Seg. y Salud Laboral

One of the pillars of sustainability in Grupo Antolin is to have committed teams, because people are the driving engine that advances companies in the face of the global challenges ahead. This means ensuring their well-being, safety and health and being able to develop their talent and personal skills using ethical and responsible management that respects human rights.






We ensure absolute respect for human rights throughout the value chain, as we spread our values, commitment to the environment and ethical behaviour.

We promote initiatives that ensure a behaviour of integrity in all of the countries where we develop our commercial, industrial and financial activity.

This commitment is articulated through different policies and codes, including the following:


Grupo Antolin is aware of the importance of incorporating different and diverse perspectives, and is working actively to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company.

We know that recognition and integration of the different dimensions of diversity in the management of work teams as a key factor of differentiation and growth of the company is essential.

An example of this is project management, where the team represents the integration of diversity in the day-to-day life of the company: cross-divisional, multi-disciplinary and diverse teams in all their dimensions, integrating a multitude of races, origins and beliefs.

At Grupo Antolin, our Supply Chain Diversity and Inclusion Program is considered to be one of the key elements of our strategy. Therefore, we are committed to an inclusive procurement process that supports the social and economic growth of our supply chain partners, in all communities.


Policy on Diversity and Equal Opportunities
Anti-Harassment Policy

Corporate Health & Safety

Our commitment to occupational health and safety is articulated with the implementation of the right systems, so that our professionals can carry out their work in a safe and healthy environment, through an approach that revolves around two elements: reducing occupational accidents and diseases to zero and universalising the values of safety and health.

The company internally promotes responsible mobility by encouraging all its professionals to move safely, respectfully and responsibly taking the necessary precautions for their own safety and that of other passengers on the way.

Grupo Antolin extends its commitment to the supply chain by requiring the adoption of and compliance with the guidelines derived from the occupational safety and health management system adopted.



Occupational Safety and Health Policy
Travel Safety Policy

Sustainable Contribution

Grupo Antolin is committed to actively participating in the communities where it operates in order to contribute to its development individually or in partnership with other organisations. It does this by integrating a series of practices of behaviour and social, environmental and economic actions. To this end, we take into account the present and future interests of all parties involved in creating value in a cost-effective manner.

The Grupo Antolin Sustainable Contribution Model is our way of interacting with our stakeholders with the purpose of building a space of shared prosperity under an economic, social and environmental perspective based on good ethics, transparency and professionalism.



Good governance is key to the sustainable development of the business and the creation of value of the family business.

The company has long implemented international best practices in governance and in strengthening the transparency and professionalism of its management bodies.





Three basic pillars to ensure the proper functioning of Grupo Antolin's business activity and its long-term sustainability::


As established in the Articles of Association, the governing bodies are the General Shareholders' Meeting and the Board of Directors, with their corresponding Audit Committee; Appointments and Remuneration Committee; Ethics, Corporate Governance, Compliance and CSR Committee.

The General Shareholders' Meeting represents all shareholders and exercises the corresponding functions as the sovereign body of the company.

As part of its strategy to have the highest standards of good governance, the company has an Advisory Board that supports the Board of Directors in decision-making.




This model integrates the set of rules and principles that ensure the proper functioning of the governing and administration bodies of the company. It incorporates the entire internal order of the company and of Grupo Antolin, composed of the following:



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