Grupo Antolin offers a comprehensive range of electronic control units for body and comfort applications, allowing the drivers and ​car passengers to adjust the cabin settings generating a comfortable environment for the road ahead.​

In order to comply with the actual market challenges, Grupo Antolin is developing electronic controls which cover a wide range of ​vehicle segments. We offer flexible and scalable solutions: from low to high complexity solutions, allowing Grupo Antolin to offer cost-effective solutions having the right technology each application needs.​

Our team develops components which cover the need to communicate in a safe and efficient way with the vehicle network, allowing to manage the increase of data that new in-vehicle systems require.

Our solutions cover a wide range of functionalities:​

  • Door Control Modules​.
  • Gateways and Hubs​.
  • Electronic Window Regulators​.
  • Body Control Modules​.
  • Keyless entry systems​.