Breakthrough communicative and dynamic lighting

Breakthrough communicative and dynamic lighting


Our current lighting and electronics developments are driven by safety, communication, style, and comfort demands. Static contour and indirect ambient lighting are being complemented by dynamic lighting functions for signaling, safety and communication aspects.

Antolin recent launches of interior lighting for some German premium electric vehicles represent a step further in our Smart Integration strategy. An example of this is the new electric BMW iX interior light that includes some of the best ambient lighting in the premium segment and features a flash animation light for different driving scenarios. This functional lighting not only assists occupants, but it is also implemented to warn pedestrians, cyclists, other cars, or the driver of a situation.

For the complete system, Antolin has developed cutting-edge electronics to operate it in cooperation with AED Vantage. The unique LEDs are ISELED (Intelligent Smart Embedded LED), an innovative technology based on highly integrated, smart LED modules enabling dynamic light. Grupo Antolin is a very active member of the ISELED alliance and has joined very early when the technology was detected as very promising. This industrial alliance has the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem based on ISELED technology. The potential of this technology goes even beyond individualization by means of light. The new bus-technology ILaS allows for hierarchical system topologies, integrating completely new functions and enabling real-time reactions without the need of additional Software nodes.

BMW iX Dynamic Lighting in upper door waist

New Communicative Lighting

Antolin has developed new projects in smart lighting and electronics that particularly stand out, making Grupo Antolin a benchmark supplier in functional and dynamic interior lighting.  An example is the Interactive ‘ID. Light’ present in the new Volkswagen ID Buzz launched last March. The innovative ID. Buzz is the first fully electric vehicle from VW Commercial Vehicles: multifunctional, fully connected and completely redesigned. This model features a light under the windscreen designed to intuitively assist the vehicle occupants, a new form of driver-vehicle communication.

The light is able to create different scenarios:

  • Safe lock & unlock
  • Turning suggestion
  • Urgent braking signal
  • Incoming call
  • Charging process…

This light also connects with the on-board navigation system while driving, so the ID. Light shows the next directions thanks to an animated blue line.

It also interacts with voice control in the vehicle, when the driver or the front passenger activates the voice control, the ‘ID. Light’ answers in white in front of the respective person.

Grupo Antolin will equip three additional car models with the ‘ID. Light’ and is confident that this technology will become a model for many future innovations in this field, playing a key role in the Interior HMI Systems.

 ID. Light in Volkswagen ID Buzz.

China, a booming market

With regard to smart lighting in China, Antolin is developing several programs for volume and high-end OEMs as well as start-ups, some of them with dynamic ambient lighting synchronized with Music Rhythm. Lights change in tune with the song's rhythm, so the passengers get the maximum out of their music and for a full on-board experience.

Dynamic light in Zeekr 001 by Geely.



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