Efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness

The company's strategy includes the development of Programmes aimed at the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies with the goal of achieving the highest levels of efficiency and business competitiveness. To this end, the capture, analysis and management of relevant data is key in this field.

In addition, the company seeks to improve its industrial flexibility by allowing the reconfiguration of facilities and processes to adapt them to increasingly demanding production changes and new requirements. The goal is to make our processes and systems smarter in order to optimise quality control, predictive maintenance and logistics flow optimisation; the three main areas of application of advanced manufacturing in the company.

Finally, given the strategic importance of environmental sustainability aspects, research is under way on the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste generated in manufacturing processes.

On the other hand, Grupo Antolin has different lines of innovation aimed at promoting the circular economy and extending it to its entire value chain by means of::

  • Technologies for processing materials with high content of recycled material.
  • Biopolymers.
  • 100% Natural materials and surfaces (easy to recycle).
  • Waste recovery from our own processes (Coretech®).