Ernesto Antolín appointed new Chairman of Grupo Antolin

Ernesto Antolín appointed new Chairman of Grupo Antolin

From left to right: Jesús Pascual, José Antolín, Ernesto Antolín, María Helena Antolín and José Manuel Temiño
  • José Antolín Toledano becomes Honorary Chairman after more than 50 years dedicated to the company
  • Ernesto Antolín is the new Chairman and María Helena Antolín the new Vice-Chairwoman
  • José Manuel Temiño will step down as CEO on June 30th and will be replaced by the current Chief Operating Officer, Jesús Pascual
  • These management changes have been carefully considered to ensure the company’s continued success


Grupo Antolin has announced the appointment of Ernesto Antolín as the company's new Chairman. The previous Chairman, José Antolín Toledano, after 20 years in this position and a lifetime dedicated to developing the family business will occupy the post of Honorary Chairman: “I think it's time to hand over the reins. Nevertheless, I will continue to support the future of the company," he stated during the Annual Management Convention held today in Burgos, Spain.

The appointment of Ernesto Antolín (Burgos, 1964) as Chairman of the company is another step in a career dedicated to Grupo Antolin, in which he has held several different responsibilities. "It is a great pleasure, but also a great responsibility. This company is the result of the dream of two visionaries and the hard work of many people. The success of Grupo Antolin has been based on coherence, honesty and a permanent commitment to client satisfaction. That should continue to be the case" stated the new Chairman.

Ernesto Antolín has held the position of Vice-Chairman since 1997 from which position he has driven the company's international expansion. In this period, Grupo Antolin has expanded its activities to 25 countries with over 120 factories: ”I've been involved in the company's management for many years and have been present in decision-making, at first listening and then playing an active role. We will continue developing the projects launched in recent years, such as our competitiveness plan or our image-enhancing campaign, as these are essential aspects to continue growing and to building a larger company that operates in more markets”.  

Additionally, María Helena Antolín (Toulon, 1966) has been named the company's Vice-Chairwoman. With this new responsibility, she will play an important role in implementing the Grupo Antolin strategy over the coming years. The new Vice- Chairwoman has significant experience in different areas of the company –mainly in the industrial area, from where she has driven the industrial corporate department for several years- and has been part of the core management team. Until now, she has been the corporate director of Marketing, Communications and Institutional Relations and a member of the Board of Directors.

CEO succession

During the same meeting and as a part of the generational change planned by the company, the CEO of Grupo Antolin, José Manuel Temiño, announced his intention to step down next June 30th. He will be replaced by the current Chief Operations Officer, Jesús Pascual.

José Manuel Temiño has worked in the company for more than 30 years and has been a key element in the growth story of Grupo Antolin: “I am proud to have dedicated most of my professional career to helping this company grow. I would like to thank the Antolín family for their support and trust and would like to recognize the dedication and effort of all the Grupo Antolin employees. They have been and continue to be the real drivers of our success”.

The new Chairman, Ernesto Antolín, recognized the effort and dedication of Mr. Temiño: “When he joined the company, Grupo Antolin was only the dream of two great visionaries.  José Manuel was instrumental in making that dream a reality”.

José Manuel Temiño will maintain a relationship with the company through his board position and in his role as advisor.

The new CEO, Jesús Pascual (Burgos, 1963), has been appointed after a career spent in Grupo Antolin where he has held different and increasing responsibilities across national and international positions. In 2013, he became Chief Operating Officer with direct responsibility for the industrial activity of the company. “My appointment is a great satisfaction and also an important responsibility. This company has a great future and I look forward to contributing to its success and consolidating Grupo Antolin’s  position among the leading Spanish companies”.

The management changes announced today have been carefully planned by the shareholders to guarantee the future success of the company. Ernesto Antolín has underlined that these changes “are a logical step in the evolution of Grupo Antolin and have been thoroughly considered to ensure the company’s stability to continue delivering the best possible service to our customers”.

About Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin is one of the leading companies in the automobile supplier industry and specializes in manufacturing interiors. Grupo Antolin has four business units: doors, overheads, seats and lighting. In 2013, the company had a workforce of over 15,000 employees spread over more than 120 centers in 25 countries.



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