Ernesto Antolin, Illustrious Person of the Spanish Automotive Industry

Ernesto Antolin, Illustrious Person of the Spanish Automotive Industry


Ernesto Antolin, Chairman of Grupo Antolin, has been named Illustrious Person of the Spanish Automotive Industry 2017, a distinction granted every year by the Spanish Association of Automotive Professionals (Asepa).

This distinction, created in 1996, recognizes businessmen from the automotive industry that have contributed to the development of Spanish industry during their professional career. Ernesto Antolin received the award during the XXI Conference of the Spanish Automotive Industry, which was held yesterday in Madrid. The event was attended by a broad representation of automotive sector experts.

The president of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, Juan Vicente Herrera, made a speech about professional career of Ernesto Antolin. María Helena Antolin, Vice Chair of the company and Jesús Pascual, CEO of Grupo Antolin, attended the event, as well as the rest of the management of Grupo Antolin.

The Chairman of Grupo Antolin thanked the distinction and stressed that it is the result of teamwork, commitment and professionalism of the more than 26,000 employees of Grupo Antolin: “Grupo Antolin has become one of the largest component manufacturers thanks to constant innovation and the talent and efforts of our employees. All of this is accompanied by a strategy based on internationalization and management based on continuous improvement”.

Ernesto Antolin also highlighted the strong support of Grupo Antolin with the development of Burgos and its role in the economic growth of Spain and the Spanish component industry.



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