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Grupo Antolin demonstrated the strength and resilience of its business over the past year, as well as its ability to manage and adapt itself in order to cope with the strong impact of COVID-19 on the automotive industry. Its results recovered progressively over the second part of 2020, closing in recent months at the same level as in the previous year, as trade revived across the main markets. Sales during the fourth quarter reached €1,360 million similar to that of the same period in 2019. The efficiency and cost containment measures adopted by the company allowed gross operating profit (EBITDA) in the fourth quarter to reach €128.4 million, higher than the €127.5 million obtained in the fourth quarter of the previous year.

Overall sales in 2020 reached €3,975 million, compared to €5,214 million in 2019, within the context of a sharp reduction in global vehicle production (-16%). EBITDA fell by 37%, to €272 million, due to the impact of market closure in the second quarter of last year. It highlights the strong growth in Antolin’s activity in China, with an increase in sales of 16.5% in 2020, which contrasts with a 4% global decline in this market.

Sales in the different geographic areas in which the company operates suffered the impact of the crisis, albeit with a clear recovery in the second half of the year. It highlights the 6.2% increase in Asia-Pacific revenues, up to €507 million, due to the growth of the business in China. Europe made €2,006 million in income, compared to €2,642 million in the previous year, while the NAFTA region contributed €1,368 million (€1,960 million in 2019). For their part, Mercosur contributed €43 and Africa €51 million.



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