Four case studies of how Grupo Antolin contributes to sustainability

Four case studies of how Grupo Antolin contributes to sustainability


Grupo Antolin participates in the White Paper Contribution of the automotive component industry to sustainable development. Levers to boost the 2030 Agenda, published by the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (Sernauto).

The White Paper collects detailed information on the sector's contribution to sustainability. Grupo Antolin is carrying out cross-cutting policies and action plans focused on sustainability. The company wants to ensure sustainable future growth with the aim of generating quality value, wealth and employment in the regions in which it operates. The White Paper includes four case studies:

      1. The digitization of factory processes.

The company has developed the Mobile Production System (MPS) project to digitize the daily activities of a production plant. The objective is to improve efficiency, speed up decision-making, encourage training of workers, and promote autonomous and digital management of processes.

This initiative empowers people in their daily lives by promoting a fair digital transition within the organization, with better prepared professionals who have real-time information at their fingertips.

Grupo Antolin also participates in the international initiative Upskill 4 Future promoted by JP Morgan and coordinated by CSR Europe and Forética in Spain. The aim is to support companies in the transition of their workforce in a responsible and inclusive manner, through training and retraining of skills for groups of workers most vulnerable to automation and digitization. This facilitates the employability of the worker and the improvement of its skills.

      2. Advanced policies and procedures for conflict minerals.

Grupo Antolin has implemented control and due diligence measures throughout the supply chain, as directed by the OECD, to ensure that its products do not help directly or indirectly finance the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This initiative is included in the Responsible Supply Chain Management working line, as part of the company's Sustainability Master Plan and within its commitment to human rights in the supply chain.

      3. Development of an ecosystem of partnerships to provide intelligence inside the car.

The company is creating an ecosystem of partnerships to develop technological solutions for the interior of the automobile thus helping the development of more sustainable, advanced and adapted vehicles to the needs of passengers.

Grupo Antolin has partnerships with Eyesight Technologies, to offer driver and passenger monitoring solutions to automakers; with Walter Pack for decorative; and with AED Engineering, for the development of automotive electronics, as well as Hi-Rain with the aim of developing lighting solutions.

      4. Business model and innovation

Grupo Antolin has developed plastics processing technology Novaform that can be used for the manufacture of automotive components. This technology allows to reuse materials and optimize the process in order to avoid contamination of the transport of semi-finished products and reduce the use of raw materials.

On the other hand, Grupo Antolin produces a range of technical materials with the name Coretech®, which offers excellent properties of sound insulation and moisture protection for use in construction. Waste from the overheads manufacturing process is used in the production of these materials, thus contributing to their reuse.

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