Design at the service of the client anywhere in the world

The design and simulation of the components that we develop at Antolin have their source in Graphic Engineering according to our clients' specifications and needs. We ensure manufacturing with deadline and quality guarantees by analyzing product performance during its useful life and anticipating future problems. 


What do we offer our clients?

We offer complete high-quality and reliable projects world-wide: conception, design, virtual analysis and subsequent modifications.

  • Design engineering and analysis.
  • Document and project management.
  • Product Verification.
  • VAVE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering) and maintenance.
  • Manufacturing feasibility reports.
  • Material and process selection reports.
  • FMEA for all components.
  • Design Engineering optimization and methodology.

What do we rely on?

The company has a central Corporate Engineering unit in Burgos and technological Graphic Engineering centers all around the world. We use conception/validation systems with 

computerized simulation, as well as new simulation tools, CAD and Grupo Antolin Methodology to generate a virtual 3D environment for the study, analysis, evaluation, validations and improvement of the production processes for our products.

  • Global management of external engineering that allows us to access a wide range of configurations, depending on the needs of the project.
  • A leading design center in India and another in Morocco, as well as branches in low-cost countries: Morocco, Tunisia, India, Mexico and Poland.
  • A structure of Technical Centers with a technical team specialized in each manufacturer. The company has 9 R&D centers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.
  • An internal, multi-purpose team working with the client that stands out for its cooperation and functional abilities.



We currently work at a world-wide level through the Team Center system (document management system), so the same information is available from any of our Technical Centers. Likewise, all the experience and documents are shared through our Corporate Intranet.

We are also aligned with our clients to create product design and simulation, which involves product conception, feasibility, technical support, generation of 3D definitions and drawings