Group Antolin collaborates with UNICEF to help children affected by emergencies

Group Antolin collaborates with UNICEF to help children affected by emergencies


Grupo Antolin collaborates with UNICEF on the funding of its Emergency Fund as part of its traditional Children's Christmas Card Drawing Contest: a drawing, a smile.

Grupo Antolin’s employees have participated, once again from different parts of the world, in the 28th edition of this solidarity contest with their Christmas drawings related to the company’s activity and the automotive world. The winning drawings, from Grupo Antolin centers of Poland, Mexico, UK, China, Portugal, Brazil and the Czech Republic, have become Christmas cards with which the company will congratulate these holidays.

For each child's card, Grupo Antolin will make a donation to the Emergency Fund, a UNICEF program to provide an immediate response when an emergency strikes a population with the aim of helping children, the most vulnerable group. In these cases, the first few hours are critical, so it is necessary to reach those affected as quickly as possible. One in four girls and boys live in countries affected by epidemics, natural disasters and armed conflict. These crises persist over time, so it’s important to have programs like UNICEF that help in the long term.

Thanks to the children participation, Grupo Antolin will help provide services for the prevention, detection and early treatment of child malnutrition, and expand access to ready-to-eat therapeutic foods as well as other nutritional products needed during crises. When childhood grows, we all grow.

Grupo Antolin’s business model seeks to combine the success of its activity with the prosperity of society and the care of the planet, which is reflected in different charity initiatives in the nearby communities where it is located. A work philosophy in which responsibility, listening, commitment and solidarity come together to serve society. Thanks to actions such as the agreement with UNICEF, the company helps transform the 2030 United Nations Agenda Sustainable Development Goals into concrete actions and measures, which in this case directly impact:

SDG 3 Health and Wellness.

SDG 10 Reducing inequalities.

SDG 17 Partnerships to achieve objectives.




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