Grupo Antolin achieves sales of €3,220 million through September

Grupo Antolin achieves sales of €3,220 million through September

  • It strengthens its presence in Asia with the opening of a Global Design and Business Services office in India.
  • The commercial effort based on its strategy of offering more value-added products and technology to its customers has translated into a significant portfolio of projects worth €5,300 million.

Grupo Antolin posted a strong result in the first nine months of the year, amid significant uncertainties and in a sector that is still far from pre-pandemic figures. The company’s sales in January-September grew by 11%, to €3,220.4 million, compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year.

In the first nine months, global vehicle production grew by 7%, although it is still affected by global supply chain issues such as semiconductor shortages and worsening macroeconomic conditions amid high inflationary pressures and rising interest rates. In this context, Grupo Antolin sales outperformed the market by four percentage points, demonstrating its ability to react agilely and efficiently to challenging industry conditions.

The efficiency and cost containment measures in place and the improvement of revenue allowed EBITDA to increase by 13% in the first nine months, to €222.7 million.

The company is making a significant business effort based on its strategy to deliver more value-added products and technology to its customers, which has resulted in a significant portfolio of projects worth €5,300 million, after achieving programmes worth €950 million this year. They highlight both projects from their most traditional products, such as doors, headliners or cockpits, as well as new businesses in electronics, functional lighting and smart surfaces.

The automotive industry continues to be marked by significant uncertainties, so Grupo Antolin will remain focused in the coming quarters on increasing profitability, controlling costs and being flexible to adapt to its customers’ production.


The company’s revenue by regions also outperformed the respective markets: sales in North America grew by 21% to €1,138  million, versus a 10% increase in production in this market, while sales in Asia increased by 27% to €505.8 million, versus a 10% increase in the market.

Antolin’s sales fell by 1% in Europe (the market fell by 4%), reaching €1,449.7 million. Sales in Africa and South America also beat the market with growth of 21% to €64.6 million and 53% to €62.5 million, respectively.

Expansion in Asia

Within its strategy to consolidate as a global provider of automotive technology solutions, the company is committed to expanding its business in markets with the greatest growth potential for its business, such as India. In this market, Antolin has just opened its new Global Design and Business Services office in Pune. From this centre, where more than 250 employees work, it will support leading vehicle manufacturers with a full service from product design and simulation to logistics. The company plans to add 150-250 people over the next few years to this new centre based on the evolution of the business.

Grupo Antolin has been in India for 20 years with five plants in the Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Haryana and Gujarat regions supplying automotive interior components to the country’s major manufacturers. Specifically, projects for the businesses of doors, lighting and headliner systems for Skoda Volkswagen, Mahindra and Tata Motors stand out. In the Indian market, sales grew by 50% to €65 million in the first nine months of this year.

With this new facility, the company will better and faster adapt to the specific needs and requirements of its customers in Asia, a key region in its strategy thanks to the new projects it is securing with major vehicle manufacturers.




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