Grupo Antolin and ZONAIR3D sign an agreement to offer clean air inside vehicles

Grupo Antolin and ZONAIR3D sign an agreement to offer clean air inside vehicles

  • ZONAIR3D will market the air purification solution Air Move+. Grupo Antolin will contribute its experience and capacity for the development and integration of innovative solutions for car interiors.
  • The Air Move+ air purifier has been designed to minimise the risk of contracting COVID-19 and any other viruses, as well as preventing diseases related to air pollution.
  • Both companies agree on the need to convert vehicles – private, public or for professional use – into safe spaces in which clean air circulates.

Grupo Antolin and ZONAIR3D, an innovation company in air purification systems, signed an international collaboration deal for Air Move+ air purification solution marketing as an aftermarket product for vehicles already in circulation.

Thanks to this partnership, vehicles will become a health and safety bubble for all occupants, allowing complete recirculation of clean air. The agreement involves joining the ZONAIR3D air purification technology with the knowledge and expertise of Grupo Antolin for the development and integration of innovative solutions for car interiors. ZONAIR3D will be in charge of the worldwide distribution of the new system.

Xavier Trillo, CEO and founder of ZONAIR3D, states: “Our commitment to providing pure air in enclosed spaces, such as vehicles, is already a reality thanks to Grupo Antolin”. He also highlights that “this international agreement will allow us to continue with our mission to keep providing pure air to as many people as possible. An increasingly urgent need today. Just a few months ago we provided 4,000 air purifiers to schools in the Valencian Region. Another important new feature is the incorporation of the CSIC [Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council)] nanofiber fabric exclusively in our purifiers and we became official distributors of their masks. I am sure that the challenges that we will face in the coming months will help us to continue providing pure air and safeguarding the health of society”.

On the other hand, Ernesto Antolin, Chairman of Grupo Antolin, asserts: “Thanks to this partnership, we are advancing our goal of delivering innovative solutions that improve the healthiness, safety and comfort of car interiors. As part of our clean interiors project, we are researching different technologies and working with various partners to turn the car into a clean space that takes care of our health. We want passengers to feel as safe in the car as they do in their homes, keeping in mind that we spend almost five years of our lives inside a vehicle”.

Air Move+ is an innovative purification solution that has been specifically designed to be installed in vehicles in order to prevent diseases related to the inhalation of contaminants, VOCs, particles and other pathogens. Placed inside the vehicle, it allows pure air to be continuously recirculated in a matter of seconds, giving occupants a virus-and-bacteria-free safe environment as well as preventing them from getting ill by inhaling contaminants while inside the vehicle.

The air purification solution will be offered for all types of private and professional vehicles, such as passenger cars, vans, trucks, and public transport. In addition, the ZONAIR3D system incorporates in the last filtration stage a fabric made of nanofibers developed exclusively by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). This layer forms a network of microscopic fibres that inactivate viruses and bacteria.



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