Grupo Antolin exhibits the latest Technologies at Gasgoo 3rd Vehicle Intelligent Cockpit & User Experience Conference 2021

Grupo Antolin exhibits the latest Technologies at Gasgoo 3rd Vehicle Intelligent Cockpit & User Experience Conference 2021


Grupo Antolin is developing its electronic, lighting and HMI capabilities to empower traditional automotive interior components with state-of-the-art technologies ready for production.

Three innovative solutions stand out: the use of natural and sustainable deco materials, functional lighting and the integration of digitalization and communication to create a scenario-based smart cabin, providing customers with a more comfortable, sustainable, and technological driving experience.

On December 27th & 28th, Gasgoo 3rd Vehicle Intelligent Cockpit & User Experience Conference 2021 was successfully held in Shanghai. Hundreds of experts, researchers, OEMs, and suppliers’ representatives from the intelligent cabin sector gathered to discuss the latest trends. As one of the world's largest automotive interior solutions experts, Grupo Antolin experts participated as speakers: Monica Ai, Lighting, HMI & Electronics Director, and Weijie Huang, Senior Electronics Manager, presented the key technologies of the Intelligent Cabin of the company.

1. The core of the cabin – the smart cockpit

Grupo Antolin presented a new cockpit demonstrator that includes three smart solutions: Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Active Surfaces and Seamless Display Integration.

The solutions integrated are ready to market which demonstrates the company commitment to the industrial feasibility of their innovations. Dynamic lighting to create different driving scenarios, backlit surfaces in unique materials, display deco module, sewed light guides, natural active surfaces, light projections are seamlessly integrated in this unique demonstrator.

Thanks to the deep cooperation with Cipia, the company is able to get a head start on the algorithms and interoperate the signal output of the DMS with other components. 

Regarding the active surfaces, Antolin integrates lighting, button functions and haptic feedback on decorative panels in a variety of materials including the popular oak, rattan, stone, and aluminum, as well as a variety of customized deco parts produced in IMF.

Seamless display integration: No matter the size of the display, the display integration results in an aesthetically pleasing and technological instrument panel.

2. The soul of the cabin – the application of ambient lighting

Grupo Antolin is a leader in the field of ambient lighting, both in market share and in the application of new technologies.

By combining the communication protocols of LIN and CAN, Grupo Antolin has realized the static to dynamic ambient lighting; from the user passively picking the color on the display to the system actively recognizing and adapting to different  scenarios, which creates an immersive atmosphere helping driver and passengers in different conditions.

3. The start of the cabin - the intelligent entry system

Grupo Antolin develops Car Access Systems based on a variety of technologies from Low Frequency for legacy systems to Ultra-wideband for the latest Digital Key standard. The UWB entry system has been highly recognized by German OEMs in Europe. Utilizing  vehicle spatial awareness, it can independently judge and control the vehicle to achieve intelligent control. The UWB system can improve the positioning accuracy to centimeter level through ToF (Time of Flight) calculation. At the same time, it significantly improves the ability to resist cyber-attacks.

Grupo Antolin offers a complete portfolio of solutions such as antennas integrated in the headliner substrate or the central console, sensors in the door handles or in the instrument panel as well as the Electronic Control Units which orchestrate the systems. Grupo Antolin is in a unique position to design and seamlessly integrate such solutions in car interior trim components.

Smart B-pillar: In the smart scenario provided by Grupo Antolin, the exterior B-pillar function is activated when the driver approaches the vehicle, so doors are unlocked by face recognition or via keypad password input. Driver settings (interior lighting, AC temperature, steering wheel, and seat position…) will automatically adjust for comfortable cabin atmosphere.

The most important actuator controller in the whole entry system is DCU, which contains various controls for all doors and windows of the whole car, such as opening and closing, anti-pinch algorithm, scenario-based connection with other components through the whole car network, etc. In China and Europe, Antolin is developing the latest generation of reliable and safe DCUs with valuable functions.

In terms of materials, Grupo Antolin promotes the use of natural materials and accelerates the development and application of recycled and recyclable materials. With regard to manufacturing, all of the factories are implementing green manufacturing processes to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The company is committed to providing passengers with a safe, sustainable and technologically advanced customized cabin of the future.



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