Grupo Antolin, the most responsible industrial company in Spain

Grupo Antolin, the most responsible industrial company in Spain


Grupo Antolin is the leading industrial company in responsibility in Spain, according to Merco Responsibility ESG's ranking -the main  corporate reputation and talent monitor in Spain-, which has just presented its 11th edition’s results. 

The company has been recognized as one of the 100 most responsible companies in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reaching 75th in the general ranking.

In addition, in the industrial sector classification, the company ranks the first position. Grupo Antolin has been present at Merco Responsabilidad ESG (formerly Merco Responsabilidad y Gobierno Corporativo) since 2019 when it entered the classification of the industrial sector for the first time.

In 2021, Grupo Antolin approved the new ESG objectives, as well as actions to achieve them, which allowed it to strengthen its sustainable business model and value generation for its stakeholders.

The position in the ranking is the result of Grupo Antolin´s commitment to sustainable development, taking into account all aspects of its activity: environmental, ethical, governance, Human Rights and talent development. Profitability and purpose come together in Antolin to build the mobility of the future, from within products and people, with a focus on three areas of increased value for the company: planet, people and business.

Merco Responsabilidad ESG assesses which companies best comply with environmental, social and governance factors. The outcomes are the result of a process of surveying different groups which determine the responsibility of companies. All weighting criteria are public and, like the results of each edition, can be consulted on the Merco website.



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