Grupo Antolin presents ANTOLIN VIVAR, a new dimension to vehicle interiors experience

Grupo Antolin presents ANTOLIN VIVAR, a new dimension to vehicle interiors experience


Grupo Antolin, global supplier of technological solutions for car interiors, presents its new virtual concept car ANTOLIN VIVAR, its latest design exercise to strike the balance between current and future mobility. This concept holds on to the roots of the company, while pushing forward its vision of the future: Intelligent. Integrated. Inside.

The new rules of mobility involve the permanent questioning of the status quo, and the way we do things. Now, more than ever, maximum experimentation and continuous learning are a must, and ANTOLIN VIVAR is a perfect example of it.

Combining different solutions designed for vehicle applications almost everything is customizable thanks to technology.

Through Grupo Antolin’s overall breadth of capabilities, ANTOLIN VIVAR offers a more sustainable, intelligent and comfortable space for the users to enjoy the time while travelling, or for them to work, relax, talk, create, or escape.

The Concept Car’s debut is another example of Grupo Antolin’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced and innovative technologies and solutions on the market. The concept car offers ready-to-market solutions combined with looking-forward technologies.

Inside Out Approach

Taking as inspiration the figure of the local hero from Burgos, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, El Cid, one the best-know medieval knights in Europe, and the colors and materials of the landscape of the same region, this concept car perfectly captures the innovative DNA of Grupo Antolin.  

To enrich the warm and welcoming interior experience, a robust and sophisticated exterior has been also designed, with a front illuminated panel replacing the conventional radiator grille that enables communication with road users.

Facial recognition allows the users to enter the vehicle without a key.

From Drivers to Passengers

When the doors slide open, the roomier interior is revealed. An interior that can adjust to perfectly suit the moment, as this electric car allows both autonomous and manual driving:

  • Swivel front seats to face rear passengers.
  • Smart sliding floor console with pivoting infotainment surface.
  • Mobile and adjustable display on the instrument panel area that can serve the driver or the front passenger depending on the driving mode.
  • Removable and portable spotlights from the headliner to the door panel to provide a closer direct light when required.

Humanized Technology

Based on a user-centered design methodology that looks to provide an answer to people’s actual needs, ANTOLIN VIVAR encompasses innovative in-car technologies towards that aim: AI voice assistant, wireless charging stations and device syncing on the door panels and floor console, and contour smart 3D deco with dynamic light to access the infotainment system from the door panels or to control the window regulators.

But that´s not all, ANTOLIN VIVAR is plenty of simple user-friendly solutions from a telescopic work table placed on the door panels to the integration of switches on the fabric.

A new level of comfort and sustainability

A high degree of thermal and acoustic comfort has been achieved thanks to the implementation of clever techniques as dimmable glasses, noise cancellation or visual temperature by using lights of different colors to influence the thermal sensation.

On the rear pillars, individual speakers have been incorporated to create personal sound bubbles.

Apart from the application of natural fibers, that can be backlighted, the instrument panel also features a natural air purification and odor system through the integration of a customizable urban garden.

The armrests of the door panels are covered in bamboo fabric while the carrier is made of natural fibers, and recycled wood has been used for the deco parts.

When it comes to the overhead system, in addition to the traditional panoramic roof with dimmable glass an innovative closed version with structural real cork has been created.

Unique Interior, Limitless Experiences

A seamless clean design where the light, the materials, and the technology are the keys to redefine our next social or individual lounge, ANTOLIN VIVAR.



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