Grupo Antolin is ready for a safe restart of production

Grupo Antolin is ready for a safe restart of production


The COVID-19 pandemic represents a massive challenge for the automotive industry and for Grupo Antolin.

Since the beginning of the virus outbreak, the priority at Grupo Antolin has always been to ensure the health and well-being of the team and, at the same time, guarantee business continuity and serve customers in this complex situation.

The company works to face this unprecedented crisis with three priorities.

1. Protect the health and safety of all of you. In a first phase of the crisis, the company implements a Contingency Plan against COVID-19 following the recommendations of the health authorities. This plan includes measures such as teleworking, travel and visit restrictions, and personal hygiene measures.

2. Ensure business continuity through financial measures, such as reviewing investments, controlling cash, reducing the senior management salary or labor measures. Operational measures such as the temporary cancellation of production in most plants in Europe and NAFTA to adapt to the production stoppage of our customers have also been applied.

Dividend payments in 2020 has also been cancelled by shareholders

3. Be prepared to safely restart our activity, when the health situation and the regulations of the different countries allow it and always depending on the decision of our clients. Grupo Antolin is ready to gradually restart of production during the coming weeks in a totally safe way.

To this end, a COVID-19 Prevention Protocol has been drawn up, which includes a set of recommendations and procedures that must be strictly followed in all plants and facilities.

The main recommendations of the Prevention Protocol COVID-19 are related to personal protective equipment, preventive measures at workplace (temperature control in the centers or safety distance) and recommendations related to daily life.

Several plants of the company are already producing masks and other sanitary material for internal use.

To help in this crisis, the company has launched some solidarity initiatives.

Grupo Antolin employees are acting in a responsible way, and in solidarity to help in this pandemic and ensure business continuity in the best interest of all stakeholders.



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