Grupo Antolin showcases at Shanghai Auto Show its new proposals for a more advanced, technological and sustainable car interior

Grupo Antolin showcases at Shanghai Auto Show its new proposals for a more advanced, technological and sustainable car interior


Grupo Antolin will showcase at the Shanghai Auto Show its disruptive technologies in three strategic areas of focus: cockpits, electronics and lighting & HMI (Human Machine Interface). The company will also exhibit the power of its innovation ecosystem for the mobility of the future.

The technologies displayed are an example of the work that Antolin is carrying out to consolidate itself as a global provider of technological and innovative solutions. The company is developing a new generation of state-of-the- art solutions that efficiently integrate new technologies, lighting systems, decorative surfaces, and electronics. The goal is to help the customers to develop a more advanced, technological and sustainable car interior that offers passengers a unique travel experience.

Grupo Antolin will attend Shanghai Auto Show, which will be held this week, for the first time as part of its committed with the world’s largest automotive market which is a key pilar of its strategy. China is the market with higher potential in terms of future growth.

Premiere of its smart cockpit demonstrator

Grupo Antolin will premiere its smart cockpit demonstrator INSPIRE, that reveals its state-of-the-art technology related to lighting & HMI, active surfaces and electronics. Most solutions integrated are ready to market which demonstrates the company’s commitment to the industrial feasibility of its innovations. Dynamic lighting to create different driving scenarios, backlit surfaces in unique materials, a display deco module, sewed light guides, smart decors, natural active surfaces, light projections and the driver monitoring system are seamlessly integrated in a unique demonstrator.

Partners of reference such as Walter Pack, AED Technologies, Cipia (formerly Eyesight Technologies) and NAEN contributed to this outstanding demonstrator, this demonstrates the maturity of Grupo Antolin’s innovation ecosystem.

New lighting solutions and active surfaces

Grupo Antolin replaces the conventional overhead reading lamp concept by a lighting system fully integrated in the headliner substrate itself. A way of seamlessly integrating functional and ambient lighting to revolutionize the overhead system.

For the first time, Grupo Antolin will also showcase a new overhead console with smart bar technology integrating functions such as capacitive sensors, decorative and functional backlit for sunroof controls, haptic & acoustic feedback, as well as traditional lighting solutions.

The company will reveal surface illumination solutions in soft trimmed parts applicable to door panels, instrument panels, pillars and center consoles to create different scenarios for a complete HMI experience. The company even matches the dynamic lighting with music rhythm for a unique end user experience.

The broad expertise in decorated surfaces and lighting results in exterior emblem lights applied to front bumpers, grilles or tailgates that are also exhibited during the Show.

The Antolin’s booth is located in Hall 2.2 (6BC201) at the National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai.

Grupo Antolin presence in the first automotive market

With almost 20 years of presence in China, Grupo Antolin is developing its activities in the world’s largest automotive market. More than 3,500 employees at about 30 facilities across the country have significantly increased the content per vehicle in this market. Technology expertise, strategic focus on sustainable mobility and cost efficiency are Antolin’s value proposition.




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