Grupo Antolin shows its interior lighting innovations at the IZB

Grupo Antolin shows its interior lighting innovations at the IZB


Grupo Antolin, one of the world’s largest supplier of automobile interiors, has shown its latest innovative solutions for vehicle interiors at the IZB International Suppliers Fair.

The fair took place in Wolfsburg (Germany) on October 16-18 and is the world’s main event for the suppliers sector.

These solutions are part of Grupo Antolin’s Smart Integrator strategy designed to address the autonomous, electric, shared, and connected car revolution in the industry. The idea is to provide carmakers with premium quality innovative solutions to help them develop more comfortable, safer, and technologically more advanced vehicles and thus improve onboard life for passengers.

The Smart Integrator strategy seeks to build intelligence into the interior parts of a car by efficiently integrating the lighting, electronics, sensors, cameras, and displays the cars of the future will have into Grupo Antolin’s products.

This integration is to be delivered through innovative esthetic and most of all functional lighting solutions to provide passengers with information, comfort, and new sensations. Grupo Antolin has the ability and technology to develop and build ambient lighting into all its products (doors, overheads, and cockpits) while at the same time working with the customer on design to meet their needs.

As part of this integrated interiors range, Grupo Antolin is also to supply new natural materials which enhance the feeling of comfort in the vehicle and its sustainability.

Grupo Antolin has exhibited three innovative products at the Fair:

-Functional surpright in stone décor insert:

Lighting system for decorative parts with integrated functions and capacitive switches converted into a smart surface. It comes in sustainable natural materials such as stone which transform the end-user experience.

-Overhead matrix lighting:

Multi LED reading lamp with individually adjustable lighting. The light adjusts to the spot size and position as well as the color and intensity needed.

-Double slush skin:

Bilayer slush skin for instrument panel covering which provides a 40% weight reduction compared to mass-produced compact materials.

At the IZB International Suppliers Fair, Grupo Antolin also displayed its vision of what vehicle interiors will be like within a few years. A film was projected onto a model of a car in a dark room at the stand using mapping technology to explain how Grupo Antolin sees the interior of the automobile of the future and its innovation proposals to turn cars into a new leisure space. Ambient lighting innovations were also displayed inside this dark room.



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