Grupo Antolin strengthens its data protection system internationally

Grupo Antolin strengthens its data protection system internationally


European Data Protection Board has approved Grupo Antolin’s Binding Corporate Rules (BCR). The Company’s demonstrated that it has the appropriate processes and policies in place to protect personal information throughout the organization.

Grupo Antolin strengthens its international data transfer protection framework among the 26 countries in which it operates thanks to the validation of its internal policies for the international transfer of personal information in a secure manner. With more than 25,000 employees in nearly 140 factories and 26 technical-commercial offices, international projects are numerous and the flow of information is constant, so having adequate BCRs is a key element in the company’s data protection and compliance model.

After the approval of the BCRs, Grupo Antolin held a working meeting with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. On behalf of Grupo Antolin, Jose Manuel Garcelán (Chief Compliance Officer) and Gerson Pérez (Corporate Privacy Officer) participated. On behalf of the AEPD: Julián Prieto Hergueta (Deputy General Director), Manuel Villanueva López (Deputy Director-International Transfers Service) and Ana Martínez Bermejo (International Transfers Service).

The BCRs approval provides an effective guarantee and boost greater credibility for the international data transfer. This saves time in signing multiple contractual clauses when sending information to countries outside Europe, as well as avoiding possible sanctions by the different authorities, since the sanctions are becoming more numerous and quite substantial for companies that do not comply.

With the current regulations (GDPR), only five companies in Spain have their Binding Corporate Standards validated by the European Data Protection Authorities; in Europe, 31 in total.



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