Grupo Antolin strengthens its presence in Morocco

Grupo Antolin strengthens its presence in Morocco

From left to right: Ernesto Antolín (Vice Chairman of Grupo Antolin), Fouad Brini (President of the Supervisory Council, Tangiers Mediterranean Special Agency - TMSA), Rachid Machou (Plant Manager of Antolin Tanger), Moulay Hafid Elalamy (Moroccan Ministry of Industry) and Mª Helena Antolín (Grupo Antolin Marketing, Communication & Corporate Affairs).
  • The company from Burgos is opening a second factory in Tangier and expanding its graphic design center
  • Grupo Antolin is collaborating in the development and modernization of the automotive industry in Morocco
  • The Vice Chairman of the company, Ernesto Antolin, was accompanied by the Moroccan Minister of Industry


Grupo Antolin has opened its second factory in Tangier, Morocco, dedicated to sewing seat covers. This center joins the existing one in which overhead systems and sun visors are produced for some of the main international car manufacturers. The ceremony was led by the Vice Chairman of Grupo Antolin, Ernesto Antolin, and the Moroccan Minister of Industry.

Ernesto Antolin expressed his pride at the opening of this new center and said that "it is a logical development. When few had confidence in Morocco, we did, and this ceremony is proof that we took the right decision". He underlined that the workforce at Tangier has now risen to almost 500 employees, which is very satisfying.
During the ceremony the expansion of the graphic design center was also announced. This center belongs to a global network that carries out work and operations of high added value to the projects run for our customers. In the case of the Moroccan center, just in 2014 its technical staff have been involved in running 10 projects.

In the opening speech, Antolin underlined the important role that the industry must play in the recovery of the economy, since it is a significant driving force for other areas such as innovation, development and the creation of high quality jobs. He also mentioned the importance of the component sector to the success of the automotive industry: "Spain is a good example of how with some strong suppliers the sector has grown more than in other similar countries":

In addition, the company has announced that it will work with the Moroccan Ministry of Industry on the technological modernization of the sector. As a result, both parties are studying possible options for collaboration aimed at strengthening the role of Morocco in the automotive sector.




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