Grupo Antolin unveils its new approach for vehicle overhead systems

Grupo Antolin unveils its new approach for vehicle overhead systems


Grupo Antolin, global supplier of technological solutions for car interiors, unveils an Innovative Upper Trim concept, featuring a simple and humanized design for overhead systems.

This is the second of a series of new Grupo Antolin concepts with a clear and single aim, to embrace the future mobility through the Innovation. Last month the company launched another concept, a Smart Sliding Floor Console.

Traditionally, the company has equipped one out of four vehicles in the world with an overhead system, what makes Grupo Antolin the main global supplier in this field. Based on that experience and the ongoing commitment to provide the customers with the most advanced, and innovative technologies and solutions, this new Upper Trim enhances interior packaging while offering a more comfortable and sustainable interior.

A combination of ready-to-market proposals with looking-forward technologies can be found in this functional prototype.

Greater configuration and manufacturing versatility

This new concept relies on a perimetral smart frame that allows greater configuration:

  • Numerous decorative materials: matte black, piano black, brushed aluminum, carbon fiber, wood, stone…
  • Closed headliner or panoramic glass roof options are suitable with the same design.

And a seamless integration of innovative features as:

  • A redefined overhead console with capacitive switches.
  • Retractable sun visors.
  • Audio system from different speakers located in the perimeter for a surround effect or to create a personal sound bubble.
  • Information display and visual comfort through light.

Redefined overhead console

Creating a more intuitive and humanized in-vehicle experiences requires a natural way of interacting with the vehicle.

With this goal in mind, the conventional overhead console has been removed and several capacitive switches have been relocated along the perimetral smart frame. As a result, any passenger can have access to the customizable controls in any position. 

For instance, passengers in the front seats can deploy, when needed, the retractable sun visors that are hidden behind the headliner substrate. Each user can regulate the color temperature of their own individual spotlight from warm to cold light through a capacitive slider. 

Experience communication lighting and comfort

Apart from the already mentioned color temperature control, to fulfill much wider visual comfort aspirations, light intensity of those spots can also be adjusted to see clearly or to create ambiance, just approaching or moving away your hand.

Linked to different scenarios, an indirect, perimetral and dynamic light with waterfall effect provides information and warnings as open doors or battery charge levels, among others.

When it comes to thermal and acoustic comfort, the addition of a dimmable smart glass, in the panoramic roof version, ensures solar isolation by blocking the IR radiation. A glass that can be heated to defog it and also showcases sound absorption.

These are just some examples of how Grupo Antolin expects to reshape today and tomorrow´s mobility.



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