Grupo Antolin unveils its Virtual Concept Car showing its vision of the car interior and its latest innovations

Grupo Antolin unveils its Virtual Concept Car showing its vision of the car interior and its latest innovations

  • It holds a Global Event for its stakeholders to explain its main areas of innovation.
  • The Virtual Concept Car demonstrates a more advanced, technological and sustainable interior aimed at offering passengers a unique travel experience.

Grupo Antolin, global supplier of technological solutions for car interiors, has invited its stakeholders to the unveiling of its Virtual Concept Car in a Global Event broadcast through the company’s official social media channels.

The Concept Car is the result of the Corporate Innovation Department’s hard work to show how Grupo Antolin imagines the car interior of the future and the company's main innovation solutions and areas. “Grupo Antolin is carrying out research so that it can develop state-of-the-art solutions that optimally and efficiently integrate new technologies, lighting systems, decorative surfaces and electronics. With this commitment, the company is strengthening its position as a global supplier of technological solutions for the interior of the car of the future”, said Javier Villacampa, Corporate Innovation Director, in charge of welcoming everyone to the Global Event and introducing the Virtual Concept Car.

“We are working with the vehicle manufacturers to develop a more advanced, technological and sustainable interior that offers passengers a unique travel experience”, added Javier Villacampa.

The first distinguishing feature of the Concept Car is that it transforms the interior into a living space where people can work, relax or communicate with others while on the move. In addition, the interior becomes a bubble of health, wellbeing and safety for the occupants thanks to advanced solutions. The smart interior interacts with passengers using state-of-the-art technologies such as dynamic lighting, virtual reality, monitoring systems and smart touch surfaces. This allows passengers to use the car interior’s systems to receive information on the condition of the vehicle, the road and their environment.

The Concept Car combines ready-to-market solutions with future technologies being researched by the company. The main innovation areas on display are:

-Technological breakthroughs that enhance vehicle safety, such as functional lighting solutions which assist driving and monitoring systems which warn about driver distraction or tiredness. Touch surfaces with haptic feedback are used in the virtual vehicle to activate the new functions in a more comfortable and safer manner.

-Systems integrated into the interior’s components that recreate different scenarios depending on the user’s needs and improve the feeling of comfort inside the vehicle at all levels (temperature, light, scent, sound and touch). The Concept Car also contains an innovative system that allows for displaying images, information, and entertainment on the surface of the components with the aim of turning each journey into a unique travel experience.

-Auxiliary systems for purifying the air in the interior and sterilizing its surfaces that make the interior a safe and healthy space to combat epidemics, the pollution in cities or high concentrations of allergens.

-Development of premium quality surfaces made from natural materials with the aim of creating a more sustainable vehicle.

People can enjoy the interior of Grupo Antolin’s Virtual Concept Car as if they were inside it thanks to virtual reality glasses that offer a unique immersion experience.

The Virtual Concept Car’s debut is another example of Grupo Antolin’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced and innovative technologies and solutions on the market.



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