Grupo Antolin & Walter Pack, a successful cooperation

Grupo Antolin & Walter Pack, a successful cooperation


When you are one of the top automotive suppliers, you have to be able to reinvent yourself time and again. You need to be innovative, creative and up to the current trends. Consequently, back in 2018 Grupo Antolin decided to partner with Walter Pack, a leader in decorative technical surfaces and parts.

It’s no secret that interiors and their personalization will play a key role in the new forms of mobility. Grupo Antolin, aware of this trend, decided to partner with Walter Pack and we have to say that this partnership has proved to be a real success recognized by our clients and employees alike. ¿Why? To begin with, we share the same ambition, vision, and passion. Furthermore, this cooperation reinforces our strategy and our system integration offer which covers all interior modules as well as functionalities such as lighting, thermal management, or displays and sensors integration.

Walter Pack masters different technologies from silk-screen printing, IMF/IMD, and injection molding to painting and laser decoration.

Nature and high-tech, the perfect combination

Our surface technologies play with new materials, textures, and patterns. Inspired by mother nature, we use natural materials: real stone, cork either natural or tinted and leather. We even go a step further combining them to create bi-material decorative inserts with a new look & feel to provide an alternative to traditional solutions.

Based on our expertise and industrial tradition, our clients rely on us to develop smart surfaces that result from the combination of a decorative surface material and additional functionalities such as lighting (ambient or functional), touch controls or even haptic feedback. To guarantee the success, the development of these surfaces is done at the early stages of the conception of a new car model in cooperation with the design studios and engineering departments of the OEMs.

There is no limit to the possible applications

All the surfaces inside a vehicle can benefit from Walter Pack know how and Grupo Antolin expertise in integration to become aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Ordinary switches are progressively being replaced by touch surface alternatives, the displays are seamless integrated, and the plastic surfaces are covered up with films or natural materials to make the interior more comfortable.

We're working on some exciting projects coming up in the future. Wait and see, you will be surprised!

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