Open Innovation

ANTOLIN i.JUMP is Grupo Antolin's open innovation initiative to work with  engineers, physicians and other STEM profiles, as well as startups, SMEs, technology centers and universities. The aim is strengthening and accelerating the R&D&I and technological development of the company.

Grupo Antolin seeks to create an open ecosystem of exchange of ideas and knowledge. The goal is to develop innovative solutions and new ways of innovation and collaboration with which to face the enormous challenges of the automotive industry. The company has launched a program of challenges in partnership with ennomotive, the leading open innovation platform for resolving technological challenges, involving more than 15,000 engineers from across the world.

Grupo Antolin has launched 6 challenges involving 305 solvers from 33 different countries with 111 different solutions.

ANTOLIN i.JUMP forms part of Grupo Antolin’s innovation strategy and is also part of its policy for attracting talent. The company needs the best professionals so that it can lead the current digital transformation of the automobile industry, in both products and processes.


Committed to open innovation

The company will take part in and support initiatives and events that strengthen the innovative spirit and technological development. Grupo Antolin wants to improve communication and collaboration with the different open innovation ecosystems.

The main goals of our open innovation strategy are:

  • Attract and catch external vision, talent, knowledge and capabilities for ours innovation challenges.
  • Develop new solutions of products and/or processes.
  • Develop external innovation teams: new models of innovation and partnerships.
  • Participate in initiatives and events to promote innovation and support entrepreneurship.

One such initiative is Polo Positivo, a program to accelerate industrial projects launched by Grupo Antolin together with four other companies from Burgos (Gonvarri, Aciturri, Fundación Caja Burgos and Calidad Pascual).

GA Design Challenge 2020 competition is a way for us to share our commitment to innovation and design with students worldwide, giving everyone a chance to see their ideas come to light.

Since May 2021 we are part of the well-known open innovation ecosystems, Plug and Play and its European arm, Startup Autobahn. Currently, we are working together in the different technological challenges, launched to their startup community, to maintain our leading position in the transformation of the automotive industry from inside the vehicle.