Grupo Antolin develops and manufactures virtually any type of lighting (interior and exterior) in the vehicle, with the exception of headlamps. Some examples of these lighting functions, specifically for vehicle interiors are:



Multipurpose lamps:

These are small cost efficient lamps, without external activation, with incandescent bulbs or LEDs.

The use of metal stamped circuits and different optic designs allows for a high degree of standardization in order to cover the wide range of vehicle positions that this type of lighting requires. Using press-fit connector pins and automated assembly line also LED versions are produced in high volumes.


Overhead consoles:


This type of assembly often integrates many other functions, apart from the reading or courtesy lights, such as: storage bins, conversation mirrors, microphone, alarm sensor…

Activation is also especially important here, so the current overhead consoles and reading lamps features different type of activations: from push-push lens to backlit micro-switches with reduced travel or even capacitive switching, which triggers the activation with a simple touch of the user, eliminating the motion of a button tree.

With the use of the LED´s, color change, different activation modes and other new functions, this type of products is adding more and more electronic content.


Ambient lighting:

Ambient lighting provides a great design freedom: while indirect lighting highlights the volumes and the shapes, providing a feeling of space, direct lighting can define outlines and specific corporate designs and does not rely on the color or shape of a secondary surface.


Following the new design trends, these solutions are incorporating multicolor LED lighting (RGB with color mixing). The range of the ambient lighting products goes from a component level (light module with or without specific optics) to solutions where the lighting in completely integrated in the interior trim.


Safety is another benefit of ambient lighting, especially during night driving. It illuminates the necessary functions in case of need, adding comfort to the driver.