SKY-FX, our first lighted headliner

Our interest in producing a comfortable environment in the vehicle interior and our profound knowledge of the headliner product have made it possible to launch the SKY-FX on the market; a headliner with integrated lighting that offers multiple design and customization options. An innovation patented by Grupo Antolin that makes us leaders in this sector.



SKY-FX: Design - Customization - Comfortable environment

The headliner is lined with SWAN, a specific fabric developed by Grupo Antolin that possesses high customization properties. A flocked fabric which, in this case, consists of several layers of different materials to comply with all the necessary requirements (elongation, opacity, easy cleaning, abrasion and light resistance).



After trimming, the headliner is lasered with a process prepared for various designs and shapes, resulting in a variety of possibilities, such as day and night effects. A multicolor variation (RGB) is also a possibility.



Our first lighted headliner in the market opens the doors to new markets and product variants, such as multicolor lighting and the STAR-FX, a concept based on lighting integrated in the headliner with LEDS that define a variety of drawings and shapes.