Innovation in Materials

New environmental regulations, which promote the reduction of polluting contaminants, obligate automotive component manufacturers to search for lighter solutions. Within this setting, magnesium is a material privileged with properties that fulfill the new requirements. Given their low density, Magnesium alloys are an especially attractive solution.



Due to its dominance within each phase of the value chain, Grupo Antolin has a leading edge. Knowledge of sector-specific requirements and specifications, capacity for design and development, own high-pressure injection molding, and validation. The versatility of magnesium within the automotive sector permits its application in numerous components. From frames for seats, hand brakes, power windows, dashboard structures to motor components.                                                                          

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal (1/3 lighter than Aluminum, 4 times lighter than iron) and has excellent flow and castability properties, making it highly useful in component design.


Grupo Antolin-Magnesio

Since 2005 we have a plant in Burgos (Spain) that pioneers high-pressure magnesium injection with a great range of applications. Grupo Antolin-Magnesium constantly invests in research on prime materials, melting, dosing, mold design and manufacturing as well as on surface treatments and recyclability.



Our advanced Engineering and design capacity ensures that products are designed and exhaustively tested to comply with the requested specifications. Likewise, a metallography laboratory fully equipped with the most modern equipment guarantees quality.

Grupo Antolin-Magnesium has fully automated injection machines that assure short production cycles. Furthermore, its ample space between casting units heightens safety and facilitates the flow of materials.



Grupo Antolin-Magnesio counts with the support of specialized technological centers and universities. Also, Grupo Antolin has a lengthy career in participating across both national and international research projects.
Currently, within the Magnesium technologies framework, Grupo Antolin is part of the European projects EFEVE and URBAN EV.

The project EFEVE has the objective to develop technologies for transforming Magnesium through Squeeze Casting. Regarding the URBAN EV, the aim of Grupo Antolin is the lightweight on an electric vehicle.