María Helena Antolin, recognized among the Top 25 women in the European automotive industry’s

María Helena Antolin, recognized among the Top 25 women in the European automotive industry’s

  • María Helena Antolin, Vice-Chair of Grupo Antolin, has a long track record in the automotive industry
  • She is also President of SERNAUTO, a post in which she plays an important role in the industry in Spain

María Helena Antolin Raybaud has been recognized as one of the Top 25 women in the European automotive industry according to the Automotive News Leading Women 2016 ranking.
Automotive News Europe named its first list of 25 Leading Women in the European industry in June 2008.

Since that moment, many things have happened and changed in this industry: one of the most important has been the rise of women in the sector. Today two women run European brands and nearly every brand has women in key positions.

It is noted worthy that in this ranking only two women work in the suppliers companies, while the rest work for the OEM’s.

Besides being Vice-Chair of Grupo Antolin, the third largest global supplier of automobile interiors, since December 2015, María Helena Antolin has also been President of SERNAUTO, the Spanish Association of Automotive Equipment and Component Manufacturers, since last April.

Her background and experience enable her to play an important role in the sector both in Spain, where she is one of the few women in positions of this kind, and also internationally.
The automotive industry business is part of María Helena Antolin’s DNA. Daughter of one of the founders of Grupo Antolin, she believes that effort and equal opportunities should take precedence to identify and nurture talent and ensure the success of people and any company.

Professional profile

María Helena Antolin has a degree in International Business & Business Administration from Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida (USA) and a Master in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK) and the Polytechnic School of Valencia (Spain). She has held various posts within Grupo Antolin related to Quality and Excellence in France, Germany, and Italy.

She has also been manager of Grupo Antolin–IPV (Valencia). She has been director of human resources development, director of strategy and corporate industry director at Grupo Antolin (Burgos).
Currently she is also a director of Iberdrola where she chairs its Appointments Committee, the French Foreign Trade Adviser for Spain, and a member of the Excellence in Management Club’s Standing Committee.








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