Meet our strategic partners: AED ENGINEERING

Meet our strategic partners: AED ENGINEERING


Grupo Antolin entered more than a year ago into a strategic partnership with German integrated electronics supplier AED Engineering. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Grupo Antolin has improved its electronic capabilities, which are vital in the transformation process to add more value to its products. Get to know more about our partner and its capabilities.

Our living environment requires more flexibility and mobility, decision-making and adaptability, permanent attention, and accessibility than ever before. AED Engineering, a provider of integrated electronic systems, is driving the development of new technologies, systems and concepts and strives to make this mobile life safer and more comfortable. "We, at AED, believe in a future where we live without borders. Every day, people around the world use mobility tools that have been developed, tested, and validated by AED solutions. Electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and sharing mobility – this is what the future of mobility looks like. In this new era of mobility our aim is to offer you unique and sustainable solutions to accelerate the new development of innovative vehicle technology and ensure its reliability", highlights Ralf Mayer, CMO AED.

Munich 2006, first project outlines offers and the big dream of a company that on the one hand promotes and challenges passionate engineers and on the other hand helps to shape the future of mobility. The first electrical/electronic project for the automotive industry became a long-term cooperation. Today, after 15 years, AED Engineering employs more than 130 people at two different locations in Germany and Spain and has evolved from a classic automotive service provider to an automotive supplier with its own product portfolio. Its success results from the trust of customers, such as BMW or Volkswagen, and above all from the performance of motivated, satisfied employees who drive technological progress together with their own creativity.

The development of new electronics and electronics engineering services that is more than just a service

The team – mostly engineers – specializes in software and hardware development as well as system integration, providing solutions to the challenges of the largest vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Whether wiring system architecture, driver assistance system or wireless sensor – the creative know-how of the employees is diverse. AED offers the right software solutions for your embedded system as well as the development of your embedded hardware – from research and conception to series production. The focus is on the functions and services as well as on the entire vehicle in the development of service-oriented electrical/electronic architecture. Testing is carried out with personalized test management, which allows you to automate test procedures for system validation easily and reliably. Since 2017, the SMD assembly system has also been extended to a complete electronics production line. So, prototypes and more complex small series can also be assembled in-house.

Good software simplifies complex things. Good software developers too!

The software developers at AED don't just think about their own system or subsystem. They will find solutions that consider all the systems involved. They recognize the potential of abstract ideas and specifications, understand their logical relationships as well as the hardware target system, and consider its requirements and limitations in software development. As a specialist in electrical and electronic developments, they breathe life into your embedded hardware. "Our aim is not only to meet all the points of the specifications, but also to achieve the best possible performance for your embedded system", points out Christian Wimmer, Technical Project Manager.

Prototypes, tests, series production and innovative ideas. All-round suitable solutions – everything from a single source

According to your individual requirements, a tailor-made architecture is developed for your product, which optimally networks all necessary components with each other. Likewise, the future of tomorrow is already in all hardware solutions today, because as experienced developers of digital and analog circuits, AED developers always think about future systems and further developments. Due to the electronics production in house, you also benefit from early pre-release versions of your development for integration tests in your overall system.

Extremely short innovation cycles today also place higher demands on R&D. At AED the key to success is to test systematically at every stage of development. With the tailor-made test management from AED Engineering, you can automate your test procedures for system validation of your ECU according to your individual requirements simply and without interfering with the internal interfaces of the system. After delivery, the system validation and the training of your employees will be supervised. This allows you to further develop and adapt your system by yourself.

The world as we know it – it will become autonomous!

The validation of automated driving functions requires data based on real-world driving scenes and precisely recorded, from vehicle sensors such as video and radar. This results in a wealth of information that not only has to be evaluated, but also the right data must be available in the appropriate quality and quantity. AED's SLA provides a high-precision solution for data logging and playback, SerDes and RADAR applications that allows you to perform test and validation activities for the development of ADAS and automated driving functions. The SLA can be used for data recording in a test vehicle or for data playback in a HIL environment.

"Autonomous driving is changing the interior of every vehicle, whether conventionally internal combustion engine or electrically driven. Everything is being redefined and redesigned. New requirements and opportunities are resulting. New business areas are opening, and the market is demanding more complex electronic components and, as a result, new functionalities, especially in the interior and in assisting systems for the driver, but also interactions with the passengers are gaining new importance. Electronically assisted lighting systems and HMIs are just some of the solutions and products we are bringing to market in cooperation between Grupo Antolin and AED. Sensors and actuators expected to be better integrated in the interior and are to support assistance systems with new functions. Electronics is getting a new face and together we are ready for the future", explains Emrullah Ates, TD Electronic Systems Grupo Antolin.

We believe in partnerships and relationships!

The increasing dynamics within the entire economy, especially in the automotive industry, show that the ability to further renew and expand the range of solutions is therefore becoming increasingly important. Team spirit is at the heart of AED Engineering. The team is strong together across countries. The diversity of our people, their skills and experience are a source of inspiration every day and the driving force behind the company's success: "We win together by building, maintaining, and expanding our networks. That's why we believe that partnerships and relationships are essential", highlights Carlos Urquizar, CEO.

At both, AED Engineering and Grupo Antolin, the team spirit is the backbone of the company and strongly anchored in the corporate culture. In July 2019, Grupo Antolin and AED Engineering therefore decided to sign a strategic partnership. The bundling of the common strengths will help both to strengthen their market position and to gain synergies and additions to their respective portfolio of electronics and vehicle interiors.

The right electronics for the vehicle interior

Grupo Antolin, through its Electronics Systems Business Unit, offers various solutions for functionalities related to the interior of the automobile, thus providing the answer to the increasing demand for intelligent systems AED Engineering supports the work of this business unit as an expert in integrate.

"The support of the AED engineers, who complete the work of our own specialists, must be a differentiating. With the experience and knowledge of AED and that of our own teams, we will be able to position us as a leader in automotive electronics field," emphasizes Ernesto Antolin, Chairman of Grupo Antolin.

Through the cooperation, the first joint projects have already been achieved. Our new keyless access system is an example of joint collaboration with the full integration of the system in the vehicle.

We think big: A partner for expansion!

"The strategic partnership with Grupo Antolin will allow us to further strengthen our market position in the automotive industry and make the necessary investments for the growth of our company", says Carlos Urquizar (AED Engineering CEO).

By partnering with Grupo Antolin, AED Engineering has been able to advance its expansion and internationalization plans over the past two years and establish another location in Spain. Today, more than 50 professionals are already working in Murcia. With the support of Grupo Antolin and the cooperation with the University of Cartagena, the Chair AED UPCT was also founded to promote young engineers and at the same time gather new talents for the technical center. In addition, there is also a technical cooperation with the University of Murcia. Furthermore, the strategic partnership for AED Engineering provides the opportunity to expand its electronic production capacities to offer large series of electronic components with excellent quality at competitive prices.

“The cooperation of both companies is a unique opportunity to offer competitive solutions thanks to the synergies and the expertise of the two talented teams”, points out Jorge Juarez, Electronic Systems BU Director.

The last two years of the strategic partnership have revealed both companies the creative power of this partnership and have fueled them to continue to expand this partnership and develop it hand in hand. We are looking forward to more years!






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