The new mobility


Greater environmental social awareness, along with restrictions on car access to the city centre, have generated new forms of mobility with alternative propulsion modes such as electric, as well as the development of business models based on fleets of vehicles for sharing.

The final consolidation of the 100% electric vehicle requires us to go deeper in aspects of weight lightening and the development of modular solutions with maximum levels of functional integration, as well as the use of technologies for the processing of composite materials, structural foaming processes and linings, and the incorporation of advanced carbon materials.

For Grupo Antolin, electrification also has other innovation implications within the vehicle:

  • Optimisation of thermal comfort.
  • Surface heating technologies.
  • Optimisation of vibro-acoustic behaviour.

The advanced assistance systems is allowing the progressive automation of driving to reach an advanced level of autonomy. In the same way, the interior of the car will require the incorporation of new connectivity solutions and entertainment, while rethinking the comfort aspects on board:

  • New interior architectures.
  • Redefining spaces.

The interior of the vehicle is transforming into a new living space. In this sense, improving life on board for people has always been a constant aim for Grupo Antolin. Today more than ever our efforts are aimed at promoting a healthy environment inside. The need for surface asepsis, as well as monitoring and controlling the air quality we breathe on board, are now managed by fundamental issues more than ever.

To this end, Grupo Antolin is currently working on the development of::

  • Components with textile fabrics made from natural fibres, such as bamboo with intrinsic fungicide properties.
  • The incorporation into our processes of materials formulated with antimicrobial additives to provide plastic surfaces with antiseptic properties.
  • Mixed systems that combine air filtration with surface sterilisation systems.

As for the shared vehicle, its use by a greater number of users will have effects on certain aspects of comfort. Therefore, Grupo Antolin works on surfaces that are more resistant to usage and easy to clean with antiseptic and odourless properties.