Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin has presented its 2019 Communication on Progress, in accordance with its commitment to the United Nations’ Global Compact. The report describes the objectives set by Antolin, the actions undertaken, and the results achieved in order for it to comply with the Ten Principles of the Global Compact.

Grupo Antolin

A plant-based polyurethane foam system integrated into headliner substrates is Grupo Antolin's response to the growing demand to minimize the environmental impact of cars and reduce the carbon footprint. In this second generation, we have achieved a product with the same properties as conventional formulations, and even improved in some respects, with eco-friendly raw materials.

Grupo Antolin

On April 30 the Grupo Antolin RyA, the production plant located in Valladolid, completed its solidarity initiative to produce medical gowns. This successful action helped hospitals and residential homes for the elderly in Spain to cope with the lack of protective equipment in the most serious moments of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Grupo Antolin

The COVID-19 pandemic represents a massive challenge for the automotive industry and for Grupo Antolin.

Since the beginning of the virus outbreak, the priority at Grupo Antolin has always been to ensure the health and well-being of the team and, at the same time, guarantee business continuity and serve customers in this complex situation.

Grupo Antolin

When you are one of the top automotive suppliers, you have to be able to reinvent yourself time and again. You need to be innovative, creative and up to the current trends. Consequently, back in 2018 Grupo Antolin decided to partner with Walter Pack, a leader in decorative technical surfaces and parts.