Press Release

Grupo Antolin
  • It showcases its two new virtual Concept Cars, which capture its vision of the car interior of the future, as well as a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and technologies.
Grupo Antolin
  • It holds a Global Event for its stakeholders to explain its main areas of innovation.
  • The Virtual Concept Car demonstrates a more advanced, technological and sustainable interior aimed at offering passengers a unique travel experience.
Grupo Antolin
  • EBITDA grew by 12.7% in the third quarter and sales recovered, allowing the company to improve its margins at the operational level.
  • The company unifies its industrial operations in the Industrial Corporate Department. The Business Units of Doors and Instrument Panels are unified under the same department.
  • It creates the Sustainability Department with the aim of strengthening the work that the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment have been doing. In this way, the company strengthens its future commitment to sustainable growth.
Grupo Antolin
  • The project, which also includes Maxi Industries and the startup Aenium Engineering, investigates a new concept of air filter membrane with the aim of demonstrating its effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.
  • The company is working on solutions that improve the conditions of health, safety and comfort inside the vehicle.
Grupo Antolin
  • The pilot edition of the Dual Training Program in Automotive Electronics has been launched with the participation of seven engineers who have been hired for the Electronic Systems Business Unit.
  • The young people will work on electronic projects of the company, while receiving training from ITCL and Grupo Antolin professionals.
  • The company continues to be committed to attracting and developing talent, which is key to leading, from the vehicle interior, the transformation that the automotive industry is undergoing.