Because Grupo Antolin adapts to the new challenges and requirements posed by a sector as demanding as the automotive sector.

In a global and changing environment, one of the success factors of Grupo Antolin lies in our capacity for shaping competitive professionals for the market, both current and future.

Attracting, training and retaining the talent of more than 28,000 persons composing the Group is a priority objective that is born of our conviction that by developing competencies we will be more competitive and productive and that the values contributed to the company by each employee are the pillars supporting the leadership of Grupo Antolin.

A Human Resources Policy within a multicultural and global setting must be based upon the same foundation across all sites at which the company operates. At Grupo Antolin, we act from a position of respect for each country's culture and traditions, adapting our policies to the specific peculiarities, legislation and society, always upon principles of ethics, integrity and respect.

Only human resources in temas made up of diverse profiles are capable of generating the innovation and creativity necessary for guaranteeing the permanence of companies in new global markets.




Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Group's values: Creativity, Leadership and Client-based focus are the foundation of our corporate culture.

With the new version of the Code of Ethics & Conduct, we have tried to maintain its essence, gather all organizational changes and streamline the contents so that it remains the cornerstone of our Compliance management system and the compass that should guide our daily behavior.

Código Ético y de Conducta
Code of Ethics & Conduct
Política de Diversidad e Igualdad de Oportunidades
Policy on Diversity and Equal Opportunities
Política de regalos y servicios de hostilidad
Gifst and Hospitality Policy


Policy on Diversity   

Good management is supported by teamwork; a multicultural team of over 28,000 professionals from 107 different nationalities, with an average age of 38. Persons of diverse profiles that contribute creative solutions, new options and perspectives, the sum of which, no doubt, is a competitiveness factor.


European Mobility Letter

The adhesion of Grupo Antolin to the European Road Safety Charter involves our collaboration in the prevention of work-related road accidents and our contribution to the sustainability of commuting.

European Mobility Letter


Transparency Channel

One communication channel through which all employees of Grupo Antolin may address a registered request or claim regarding a conduct or action contrary to the contents of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Transparency Channel


Grupo Antolin Development Programs

The different initiatives arise from our conviction that by developing competencies we will be more productive, optimizing our resources and contributing our professionals' know-how to the market. Therefore, professional growth development plans are designed for every member of our organization.

The leadership of Grupo Antolin is based upon the value each employee contributes to the company.

Two specific schools for developing abilities have been created, one to guarantee our professionals' training on management/leadership competencies and another for refining communication competencies.

This project has been designed, from its start, from a global perspective, and several initiatives were completed in 2012 and 2013 through each school, at both national and international levels. Currently, this development-related action has involved over 80 professionals from different countries (Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom and United States). The welcome on behalf of participating employees has been highly positive, as they have been the protagonists of the school by building, learning and contributing to each session their experience and knowledge, thus fostering interaction.


Internships, a right decision that makes the difference

Grupo Antolin has desired to be part of this process since over a decade ago as a key part of its strategy for corporate recruitment and selection, motivating practical training on values, aptitudes and professional skills of young students through the support and mentorship offered by specialized professionals from different company departments who are willing to transfer their knowledge and experience



The corporate culture of Grupo Antolin is a fundamental element that allows it to be a competitive and innovative company capable of successfully adapting to change and efficiently managing its professionals' talent.

Talent is one of our main assets. Therefore, special attention is made to developing talent across all organizational areas.

We promote the creation of workspaces that foster employee development of their professional abilities and growth within the company. We count with multiskilled professionals, with an international vision and capacity for innovation. These qualities, along with the values of personnel at Grupo Antolin: Creativity, Leadership and Client-based focus, are the differentiating values of our company.