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Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin has successfully completed a 7-year senior bond issue for €390 million with an annual interest rate of 3.5%.

Grupo Antolin
  • The company will work together with Plug and Play’s platform in Spain and the Startup Autobahn program in Germany.
Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin is studying the potential of carbon nanofibers to improve the efficiency, durability, and cost reduction of critical components in next-generation hydrogen fuel cells.

Grupo Antolin

Intelligent lighting systems enable a variety of new functions and scenarios.

Grupo Antolin

Exterior lighting is evolving towards new functionalities, more efficiency, better performance, and new designs where the lighting plays a center role in the style of the brands and models.

Grupo Antolin
  • eBú is a sustainable fabric that is obtained from the extraction of high quality natural raw materials.
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