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Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin has reported sales revenue of €2,905 million in the first nine months of 2021, compared to €2,612 million for the same period a year earlier (+11.2%).

Grupo Antolin
  • The polyurethane (PU) headliner’s substrate is manufactured with a Wet PU process that involves materials made from urban & post-consumer plastic waste and end of life tires.
Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin is developing its electronic, lighting and HMI capabilities to empower traditional automotive interior components with state-of-the-art technologies ready for production.

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin entered more than a year ago into a strategic partnership with German integrated electronics supplier AED Engineering.

Grupo Antolin

We have a responsibility as a company to make a positive contribution to the environment, this is why we are committed to use larger amounts of recycled materials and reduce the weight of our parts

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