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Grupo Antolin
  • The eco-friendly solution has been awarded in the category Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product of the Year.
Grupo Antolin
  • With this Return and Reward System (RRS), sustainable and social rewards can be obtained by recycling the cans and plastic bottles of beverages in the machine installed at the Grupo Antolin he
Grupo Antolin
  • Sales outperformed the market in three of the group’s territories, with 15% growth in Asia.
Grupo Antolin

Our current lighting and electronics developments are driven by safety, communication, style, and comfort demands.

Grupo Antolin

The social and economic consequences of the health crisis experienced over the last two years have seriously affected the industrial activity of the automotive sector and, in practice, the entire i

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin is the leading industrial company in responsibility in Spain, according to Merco Responsibility

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