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Grupo Antolin
  • It showcases its two new virtual Concept Cars, which capture its vision of the car interior of the future, as well as a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and technologies.
Grupo Antolin
  • EBITDA grew by 12.7% in the third quarter and sales recovered, allowing the company to improve its margins at the operational level.
Grupo Antolin
  • The project, which also includes Maxi Industries and the startup Aenium Engineering, investigates a new concept of air filter membrane with the aim of demonstrating its effect
Grupo Antolin

On December 9th we celebrated the International Anticorruption Day.  Grupo Antolin is taking a strong stance against corruption as part of our Compliance Policy.

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin participates in the White Paper Contribution of the automotive component industry to sustainable development.

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin and CTAG launch the Mixed Unit insAI with the objective of researching intelligent and innovative solutions for monitoring the occupants of a vehicle, in order to contribute to guaran

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