Prototyping to innovate

Prototyping to innovate


Prototyping is a key step in the development and manufacturing process. At Antolin, we have one of the most experienced and efficient headliner prototype workshops in the industry that hast led us to be recognized as the leaders in the overhead function.

Being number one in the overhead function requires a constant search for excellence and optimization of development and production. At the same time, it requires that innovation has to go ahead of market demands. At this point, constructing and testing prototypes during the development phase is a key element to investigate new solutions and optimize components at an early stage.

Grupo Antolin owns a specialized headliner workshop at the headquarters offering automobile manufacturers a complete range of services, from testing to optimization and construction of new prototypes. The workshop also produces special series for certain car models.

Skilled workforce

A team of 20 people is devoted to manufacturing prototype headliner substrates for most OEMs on a global basis. They are also part of multidisciplinary teams working in close cooperation with design and development experts.

Most of the collaborators have more than 20 years of experience working with different materials and a wide range of covers, from fabrics to the finest leathers or alternative materials like Alcantara or vinyl.

Fully equipped

The protype workshop is fully equipped with cutting edge machinery to manufacture prototypes, concept cars parts and serial products meeting the highest automotive standards. The line is equipped with 2 400 tons presses that are fed from an automatic forming line. A water jet trimming cell equipped with 3 ABB robots is also part of the equipment. The line also features a finishing area as well as a quality control area, where interior trim parts are perfectly finished off and measured to fit in the car.

An extensive portfolio of Projects

A few examples of manufacturing and supply of certain successful projects carried out so far

-Mock-ups with enhanced composition to evaluate improvements in TSS (mechanical performance) and NVH (acoustic performance) for different OEMs

-Headliners and flat panels to characterize the substrate composition and to X-check and validate the airbag simulation CAE models.

-Headliners with integrated cutting-edge elements for internal evaluation at the customer’s site and for public motor shows for several OEMs

-Serial parts for trucks and buses delivered to several assemblers in different countries.