Multi-technology in all segments

All our technologies adapt to each market to satisfy the most varied requirements as regards weight, safety and customization, complying with the demands of all segments. 

We provide added value to the needs demanded by our clients, including several functions that adapt to the complexities of current headliners:

  • Various positions
  • A variety of linings: PVC, fabric, Samoa fabric (Grupo Antolin), Alcantara (Alcantara SpA), leather and no lining
  • Various types of mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Ticket holder
  • UGDO/HomeLink (Gentex)
  • Extension
  • Double sunvisors
  • Airbag labels according to vehicle sales market

Our efforts are focused on advanced strategic lines to reduce weight, LED lighting, customization, lowering thicknesses and linings.

Sunvisor technologies

  • Body in PP
  • Body in EPP
  • Body in PP without lining and stamped finish
  • Carton with metal frame and foam
  • Foam of PE with skeleton