What will the sun visors look like in the future?

What will the sun visors look like in the future?


Our clients know that the interior plays a decisive role in the purchasing decision and even overlooked components will make a big difference. Sun visors, an almost 100-year-old product, have not evolved much in decades. Grupo Antolin, as one of leading suppliers in this field, is working in a solution that will revolutionize the look and functionally of the sun visors.

Some of the apparently simplest components can make a great impact in the interior of a vehicle, and this is the case of sun visors. For this reason, Grupo Antolin has reimagined the sun visor and has come out with a world class solution: the retractable sun visor that improves the performance and overall look of the current offer.

Hide until you need them

The retractable sun visors are hiding behind the headliner substrate until you need them You can deploy them or retract them either manually, with one hand, or automatically, with the touch of a switch. The seamless integration also provides fluent lines and a bigger sense of space for the end users.

Design freedom

Hiding the sun visors provides free space in the overhead for functional customization giving designers a world full of possibilities. The solution is valid for both premium and low-end vehicles and can be used as a brand differentiation depending on the trim and finishes incorporated. As an example, the sun visor can be fabric covered or uncovered for a more cost-effective solution.

The possibility of materials and textures is endless: plain plastic, pattern engraved plastic, natural or sustainable materials, stitching, back lighted materials …

The sun visor design can be improved following ergonomic & cost optimization studies. As an example, the thickness can be reduced allowing materials use optimization.

Safety and comfort improvements

Head impact test ECE21 – Avoidance of the most critical head impact positions which means to eliminate impact points between headliner position and 90º.

The end user will benefit from more ergonomic movements. The rest position in headliner disappears so the end user does not need to move the head to position the sun visor.  Other functions like lateral position or extended function are available. In addition, the fully automated version adds comfort and allows distractions when operating the sun visor. The visual angles are improved too.


The sun visor is a fully modular solution that can be mounted in the substrate and delivered as a modular headliner or can be supplied as a separated component. Given the fact that Grupo Antolin is the absolute leader in the modular headliners market, the expertise of our company in this field is a competitive advantage to help our clients to short development times and fully optimize the function.

In the future, the interior could be tailored to the passengers needs so we can look forward to a high degree of solutions to be integrated in the sun visor: functional or ambient lighting, sensors, vanities…

The visor will become smart!

At the same time, we work to improve the anti-glare function, making use of technologies that will allow to increase the size of the component to cover more, without reducing the driver’s visibility. Although the sun visor is a very robust function that has barely evolved since its creation, increasing anti-glare effectiveness is critical to overcome current limitations at certain times of the day, when the sun is very low, or for certain driver’s percentiles.

The Retractable Visor has been developed by a multidisciplinary team from different divisions as part of Grupo Antolin strategy towards Smart Integration.



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