Since 30 years ago, we develop and manufacture power windows for doors of any morphology as another component of the Door Function, meeting all requirements as to quality, cost, weight and simple assembly on the client's own chain.

Our added value consists of providing solutions ranging from steel and stamped aluminum to magnesium and plastic injection for all segments. We are the only European-wide certified supplier for aluminum and magnesium power windows.

Cable window regulator:

  • Single rail: Steel / Aluminium / Plastic


  • Double rail: Steel / Aluminium / Plastic


Window regulators for doors without frame:

  • Front: Magnesium / Plastic
  • Rear



Our advances focused on electronics are a key element of our products, responding to the challenge posed by the integration of increasingly complex electronic functions in the automobile.

We have extensive experience in designing, validating and integrating motors in power window systems. These motors incorporate an anti-pinch protection electronic systems, enabling automatic and safe activation as well as integration within the vehicle's electronic communication networks.

We offer our clients complete Tier I service, both as regards Engineering as well as industrial supply, participating across all levels and all phases of these electronic motors' life cycles (conception, prototyping, validation, integration and control of production), for which we count with a top-level network of suppliers.